"Bandwidth and its cost are always factors in everything we deploy. So anything we can do to push more..."
Pat Delaney
Client Services Lead
"To support our daily operations, it is paramount for our offices and manufacturing sites to have high..."
Rifan Adi
Head of IT
"We didn’t separate the mobile decision from choosing a WAN optimization solution: it just happened th..."
Tom Hanwinyoo
Network Systems Manager
"The [AppResponse Xpert] solution has given us a scientific approach to managing the site, making the..."
Brian Tam
Senior Network Engineer
"The GUI is the best GUI I’ve ever seen in my life the ease of immediate use is beyond description...."
Carl Cammarata
"Thanks to Riverbed we are able to continue with our current link which is limited to 2Mbps for DR tra..."
Seamus Conway
Network Manager
"When he said ‘To do it over again, we would purchase Riverbed instead of Cisco,’ I knew I needed to e..."
Adam Rasner
Director of Corporate Networking
"Riverbed offers a range of Steelhead appliances that enable applications running over the WAN to beha..."
Jayantha Prabhu
Chief Technology Officer
"From an overall infrastructure standpoint, the investment in Riverbed Steelhead appliances provides A..."
Jerry Kelly
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
"We have tried a lot of different things in terms of trying to communicate effectively with our employ..."
Carter Holland
Vice President of Corporate Marketing
"Before using Riverbed, it took users in Italy and India 30 minutes to start running a specific applic..."
Xavier Plautard
Group IT Infrastructure Manager
"SteelCentral NetExpress managed to detect relevant issues in such a way that we were able to solve th..."
Frank Keessen
IT Director
"We have a continuing obligation as a public entity to maximize technology utilization while minimizin..."
Dan Fineman
PCLS, IT Systems Administrato
"The solution provided by Dimension Data has delivered outstanding results. Users have reported signif..."
Felicity Miners
IT Manager
"During our initial testing phase, we discovered that data extractions from our cloud based ERP platfo..."
Chris Uusimaki
ICT Manager
"We’ve seen significant productivity improvements. We’ve been able to shave two minutes off the logon..."
Dagfinn Krog
Service Operation Manager

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