"River Logic provides an enabling technology to drive business transformation and delivers tangible bu..."
Andrew Friars
Leader for Energy, Utilities and Mining Consulting
"Yorkshire Water are facing new, emerging risks within an increasingly complex business context. The d..."
Stephen Herndlhofer
Head of Information Services
"We as a company make decisions dramatically different than we did five years ago because of River Log..."
Matt Yaun
Chief Administration Officer
"Integrated Business Planning has enabled us to accurately model the business including the financial..."
Antonio Lira
Strategy and Business Planning Lead
"Enterprise Optimizer for Healthcare is a powerful decision support tool to model and measure the impa..."
Lawrence Rosenberg
Executive Director
"PwC won the project because we could tell the story. We were able to make a compelling case to our pr..."
Simon Avenell
"We were attracted to the flexibility of Enterprise Optimizer. We can determine things such as where a..."
Alexey Dmitrochenkov
Head of Planning
"The implementation of River Logic makes it possible to plan the delivery time and cost of each postal..."
Alexey Skatin
Deputy General Director for Logistics
"Adopting prescriptive is critical for supply chains to gain a competitive advantage now and in the fu..."
Leslie Keating
Former SVP
"The speed of change is increasing. Prescriptive analytics helps finance leaders and their companies r..."
Philip Higginbotham
National Director of Analytic Solutions
"We will continue to use IBP to streamline our efforts for determining functionally aligned plans that..."
Alexey Dmitrochenkov
Head of Planning
"With CGI’s Healthcare Enterprise Optimization solution and expertise, the Fire Department gained new..."
Mitch Snyder
Division Chief Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority
"For two years in a row, we have grown our software revenues in excess of 75%, and we are confident th..."
Shane Russell
"Intelligent Modeling has a seemingly magical ability to bring stakeholders from all over a business t..."
Matthew Birch
"We had an opportunity to lease space and labor from any of 4 potential distribution centers in the ar..."
Large Pulp & Paper Manufacturer
Corporate Chief Financial Officer
"Having the ability to model a business so that it links relationships between business units and unde..."
Bill Remy
President and Chief Executive Officer

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