"We need a high-performance analytics infrastructure because marketing optimization is a lot like a f..."
Leon Zemel
Chief Analytics Officer
"De facto, R is already a significant component of Pfizer core technology. Access to a supported versi..."
James A. Rogers Ph.D.
Associate Director, Nonclinical Statistics Group
"There are lots of good reasons to use Revolution Analytics in a super computer like Netezza. It’s fas..."
Dr. Murali Ramanathan
Co-Director, Data Intensive Discovery Initiative (DI2)
"We find two advantages to the Revolution Analytics and IBM framework: minimization of data transfer b..."
Patrick McCann
Lead Data Scientist
"Once you know what is driving your marketing, you can better direct what treatments you are using for..."
Brandon Mason
CTO, Upstream
"We began observing how much more quickly the open‐source community (in R and Python, specifically) wa..."
Tal Sansani
Quantitative Analyst and Portfolio Manager
"What takes a day to do in Excel can be done in 15 minutes by writing a few lines of R code in Revolu..."
Jamie Botelho
Vice President and Pricing Actuary
"There are a few important benefits [of Revolution R Enterprise]…It’s really easy to develop and maint..."
Kevin Lyons
SVP Analytics
"After several years of data collection, crunching those numbers requires the use of a tremendous amou..."
Boris Shor
Assistant Professor, Harris School of Public Policy Studies
"We use R for adaptive designs frequently because it’s the fastest tool to explore designs that intere..."
Keaven Anderson
Executive Director Late Stage Biostatistics
"Northern Trust went to Revolution Analytics and asked if we could explore the opportunity to parallel..."
David Humke
Vice President, Corporate Risk Analytics and Insurance
"The Revolution R Enterprise 5.0 environment has delivered order of magnitude performance improvements..."
Erik Segur
Information Technologist
"There is so much information out there that can make a quant’s life difficult. Revolution R Enterpri..."
Albert Nigrin
"The Revolution Analytics R framework and its seamless integration with solutions like IBM’s Netezza a..."
Matt Fornari
Director of Data Science
"I use [Revolution R Enterprise] for building prototypes because it’s fast and easy to make adjustmen..."
Yan Zou
Principal Research Analyst
"[Revolution DeployR provides] a web service that is platform independent, easy-to-use and a standard..."
Betrand Cheam
System Analyst, ACR

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