"The reason we chose Revel is we needed to bring the cash register to the guest...."
Jeff Zappelli
Director of Membership
"Revel’s customer support has been most impressive – everyone has been extremely friendly, helpful, an..."
Matt Payne
Vice President
"Everyone at Revel has been super helpful getting us set up in time for our open day. We had a very sh..."
Caitlin Exham
Little Lefroy’s
"We decided to use the Revel POS system for the main reason of ensuring capture of goods sold. That is..."
Chris Cox
"With the offline mode I was still able to actually process credit cards. I was able to save more than..."
Christophe Caron
"It’s always a nice surprise each morning, to see how and where your numbers are with Revel reporting...."
Alexander Linnerth
Social Summer Kitchen
"Revel was very easy to set up, it is very easy to manage and the backend functionality is just incred..."
Rohit Roopchand
"My greatest pleasure using Revel is the fact that I can make sure everything is going smoothly even i..."
Jean Iennaco
Director of Operations
"The Revel team has been quite useful and ready to answer any questions. Revel has been with us every..."
Matthew Law
"Revel gave me all the features I needed and then some...."
Jim Goodall
"The integration with Revel and Como has been a great tool for us...."
Ike Escava
"Como Sense has really helped us engage with our customers in a more personalized way because we can s..."
Kalin Alberts
Business Manager
"I honestly haven't counted how many hours I save, but it's lowering my workload to the point where I..."
Aria Pramesi
Operations Director
"It's very very helpful having access to the backend at any moment and seeing exactly what the restaur..."
Maxwell Cohen
Owner and Operator
"We realized the need for the KDS when we went from making 500 to 600 cups of coffee per day to 10 tim..."
Ted Robinson
Creative Director
"Revel Systems’ iPad POS runs so much faster than the registers we were using before. In just 30 minut..."
Alfred Baker
Executive Vice President

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