"We wanted to put a reliable and rigorous structure in place because we couldn’t go back to the banks,..."
Eddie Collis
Group Treasurer
"If the person running the FX reports who is very knowledgeable about running spreadsheets would be ou..."
Kenneth Markowitz
Vice President and Assistant Treasurer
"Reval’s software covers all aspects of cash pooling. The solution is adapted perfectly to our needs a..."
Judith Waxenecker
Product Manager
"Cross border and cross currency pooling creates strategic advantages in comparison to our competitors..."
Denise Simek
Product Manager
"Reval is a partner you can rely on. The company is always on time, in budget and keeps customer need..."
Thomas Bayrhofer
IT Manager
"MAll the drivers that led us to adopting a TRM system were about trying to reduce risk. A TRM would h..."
Suzanne Baucom
HR Manager
"Given our scale and strong business growth we needed a global partner, which we found in Reval’s soli..."
Kazuhiro Tsutsumi
Managing Director
"By automating our daily workflows, Reval´s SaaS TRM solution will provide us with time and tools to i..."
Neil King
Group Treasurer
"The capabilities within Reval get to the heart of what we wanted to accomplish right from the start h..."
Lyndsay Hustoles
Treasury & Risk Manager
"When we looked to automate a standard process for cash forecasting, we felt the dynamic cash flow for..."
Scott Lambert
Treasury Senior Director
"Reval´s SaaS TRM solution enables us to improve the efficiency in risk management processes, provide..."
Simon Morley
Group Treasurer
"We wanted to ensure that our treasury processes are as efficient and as automated as possible, and fe..."
Guy Morgan
"As a result, the people who had previously been tasked with manually reconciling transactions using a..."
Eddie Mak
Group Treasurer
"The project has now moved on to Phase 2. The system is being rolled out within the business units acr..."
Richard Shaw
Director of Treasury
"With Reval's cash pooling, we are able to help our customers to optimise their cash and liquidity. Re..."
Diejana van der Wal
Product Management
"The system gives us tremendous functionality, and it has enabled us to compete very effectively by pr..."
Victor Penna
Head of Sales and Treasury Solutions

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