"For me as a CTO, it helps me feel a bit more comfortable that my team is taking software quality and..."
Karl Bunch
CTO at iSocket
"We can do that because we use Raygun to raise issues to our engineering team about problems when they..."
Chris Johnson
Co-Founder and CTO
"We dipped our toe in the water with Raygun and realized just how beneficial it was. It’s fair to say..."
Bob Bond
Chief Executive Officer
"I recommend Raygun to anyone who will listen. If you want to improve your software and provide your u..."
Karl Gjertsen
CEO and Lead Developer
"Since implementing Raygun, we haven't had a work stoppage for years, because it allows us to be so pr..."
Jeb Baugh
Senior Product Manager
"Easy setup, good feature set and indicates errors and issues we would be unaware of without it...."
Yonni Mendes
"Simplicity, easy to setup and get running. Lots of details and a great and well laid out site...."
Simon Murcott
"Issue tracking awesome and stack track is very helpful to see exactly where the issue is happening...."
Nanda Kishore
Donor Drive
"So easy to setup and use, powerful tools...."
Bill Brown
Need A Nerd
"Being able to proactively fix on-premise production issues before the customer even knows there is an..."
Carsten Wickner
Torque IT Solutions Ltd.
"Great tool, always improving, awesome integrations. Saves us a lot of time...."
Ray Flowers
BlueTread Software Development
"Great visibility and troubleshooting for solutions. Easily gives access to non-system engineer staff..."
John Tucker
"Useful admin panel, simple configs, custom event data...."
Konstantin Vassiliev
Lime by Lundalogik
"Easy to wire into Xamarin (/any) app, great functionality, easy UI - and it just works! All my apps/c..."
Ian Jones
"Quick and easy to configure. Error grouping. Slack integration...."
Johann Strydom
Capricorn Capital Partners
"At Vend, everyone is empowered to see the impact of their work. We’re all in this together, which hel..."
Ben Gracewood
Chief Engineering Officer

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