"Raygun allows us to move quickly and with the confidence that every feature we roll out is performing..."
Cody Bunea
Chief Technology Officer at Carnival
"Comprehensive details on the error and the client environment saves hours of work looking into what c..."
Karl Gjertsen
Creator and Lead Developer
"It makes it really easy to find the source of problems, and track issues in our software...."
Mikael Gyth
"Very useful tool to track progress between app release and good for investigate issues from client si..."
Attila Szekeres
"Raygun’s had a positive impact on our team; that ties back to the developer’s ability to spend most o..."
Sean Jackson
Software Development Manager
"I don’t know what we were missing before we added Raygun. But, now we have it in place, we have a rea..."
Jon Crowell
Senior Consultant
"Already have recommended you guys to several devs! Having come from hand-rolling custom logging way b..."
Andrew Knox
Lightbeam Digital
"I love the drop dead simple integrations into all mobile platforms and powerful reporting...."
James Montemagno
Refractored LLC
"Simple to implement and great error telling info...."
Kevin Hardy
Tops Software
"You handle Xamarin crashes beautifully. Keep up the good work...."
Joe Sauve
JBS Custom Software Solutions, Inc.
"Great customer support Excellent product...."
Matt Preucil
"I definitely encourage you to implement Raygun into your own software products...."
Karen Paul
Risk Officer
"Issue tracking awesome and stack track is very helpful to see exactly where the issue is happening...."
Nanda Kishore
Donor Drive
"Quick and easy to configure. Error grouping. Slack integration...."
Johann Strydom
Capricorn Capital Partners
"The top three reasons would be -Easy to set up; knowledgeable and quick support; depth of reporting...."
Josh Harries
"Simplicity, easy to setup and get running. Lots of details and a great and well laid out site...."
Tony Gorham

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