"Having been in Test Automation for more than a decade, I've seen and used many test automation soluti..."
David Shtern
"We decided on Ranorex based on the technologies it supports, simple integration with .NET using famil..."
Natasha Bykhovsky
QA Manager
"We found Ranorex as a reliable automated testing tool which easily integrated into any development an..."
Harpreet Singh Sethi
Senior Manager, PND Product Unit
"After evaluation of seven (7) UI automation tools to support our flex application we identified Ranor..."
Roy Enneper
SIS-Leb Engineering Mgr
"Ranorex is simple and elegant. Our employees love the product. The solution incorporates many improve..."
Christopher Dax Coan
"Our company needed a “silver bullet” to aid in the automated testing of our wide variety of technolog..."
Stephen Harmon
QA Engineer II
"We installed trial versions of several products and attempted to use them in a realistic testing scen..."
Ron Von Aken
"We were able to quickly use it to record everything from simple to complex testcases, fine-tune and r..."
Josselin Lebret
Senior Software Engineer
"We have years of experience with different web test automation technologies. Ranorex is the only one..."
Akbar Ahmed
"We evaluated several tools before selecting Ranorex, initially, due to the fact that Xpath could dete..."
Gorav Arora
Project and QA Manager
"Having been in Quality Assurance and Test Automation for more than a decade, I've seen and used many..."
Christofer Gendreau
Senior Automation Quality Assurance Engineer
"After trying several UI test tools, we were most impressed with the Ranorex suite. The tools allow us..."
Craig Lichtenstein
Varigence Inc.
"I’ve purchased and successfully implemented Ranorex 2.x at 3 different firms. In each case, the end t..."
Matthew Boland
QA Architect/Consultant
"Ranorex covers complete test cycles. Especially the opportunity to test several operations collateral..."
Carsten Hütgens
Senior Developer
"I am extremely impressed by the suite of tools from Ranorex and rapid and detailed support on offer;..."
Phil Scrace
Red Gate Software Ltd
"Because Ranorex tests applications from a user’s point of view, it is a better alternative to convent..."
George Norman
Software Editor

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