"The system was nothing other than an excel sheet that got updated daily and emailed. They had to sit..."
Michael Sengara
Director of Project Management
"That capacity to be able to access and take photographs throughout the day on an iPhone or a tablet h..."
Andrew Dyer
Senior Superintendent
"I've got some supervisors in their 50s and 60s and sometimes they can be a little harder to train up,..."
Kris Caplice
Project Manager
"This app has been amazing to keep eyes on all of our active projects. There is no going back after th..."
Nicholas Billig
Asphalt & Concrete
"This is the the fastest, best, most user friendly app out there. I can see why it was voted the numbe..."
Marty Masters
Renewable Energy Systems Americas
"It's easy to use and reliable, regardless of platform. It has significantly improved our company's co..."
F Gomez
GA Dominguez
"Back when I was a superintendent the daily reports were done on pencil and paper. Photos we had to ta..."
Tim Burton
Safety Compliance Officer
"Knowing that there's one place I can quickly look to and say 'is this filled out, okay yes it is' mea..."
David Whitt
Project Engineer
"The end product, generated with very little time in the field, is excellent. We're making Raken the n..."
Sam Bacon
"Raken elevates our company to a better level over our competitors that aren't using it...."
Blair McDonnell
"[Raken] has allowed us to easily access data, keeping our field workers on site instead of in the leg..."
Tyler Stewart
Technology Solutions and Training Manager
"I don't have to spend more than ten minutes at my laptop looking at the pictures in Raken to know wha..."
David Ingram
Supervisor and Reports Administrator
"The first person to use Raken was Wayne, in his late 60s. He was a little nervous to use an app and a..."
Barbara Tavares
Senior Construction Manager
"At KSU, we equip our students with the skills and current technology needed to be successful in the c..."
Irish Horsey
"It's all in color, right there in your face, and it's all digital. Having Raken on an iPad to show of..."
Tito Gonzalez
Swinerton Renewable Energy
"For our line of work, support and excavation, we use a lot of material and it’s very hard to keep acc..."
Dean Connolly
Construction Supervisor

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