"Technology has a major part to play in running an effective organization, and we saw a huge opportuni..."
Dominic Silvia
Leads IT Department
"The superintendents using Raken all report increased compliance, especially with the Super Daily. It..."
Jacob Freitas
Project Manager
"Easy to use, convenient app that cuts down on paperwork time, compared to the old method of filling o..."
Adam Johson
Golden Sands GC
"With Raken, all the information is at my fingertips. Everything that a good daily report needs is don..."
Bob Hilton
JW Danforth
"I am not stuck at my desk at the end of the day sorting through all my notes for manpower and pics. I..."
Jan Ahner
Alvin H. Butz, Inc.
"Raken is real information. It's simple but at the same time so adaptable that all of our subcontracto..."
John Albert
"The Raken daily reporting app is very efficient to use, it's very transparent for our clients and any..."
Tyler Guith
General Superintendent
"We're proud of the work we do, and we can be proud of the daily reports that we send because they're..."
Anthony Solesbee
Project Superintendent
"[Raken] has allowed us to easily access data, keeping our field workers on site instead of in the leg..."
Tyler Stewart
Technology Solutions and Training Manager
"I don't have to spend more than ten minutes at my laptop looking at the pictures in Raken to know wha..."
David Ingram
Supervisor and Reports Administrator
"The first person to use Raken was Wayne, in his late 60s. He was a little nervous to use an app and a..."
Barbara Tavares
Senior Construction Manager
"The implementation of Raken has truly been a game changer for Fortis, not only internally, but also i..."
Tim Sissel
Project Manager
"If there's ever a question if the work got done or didn't get done, I can go back to those photos in..."
Evan Sinclaire
Field Engineer
"It was usually an hour, hour and a half a day that you'd be doing this...."
Mike Brennan
"Raken and Egnyte save us a whole bunch of time and money, and that's the two keys of construction rig..."
Igor Charsov
Senior Field Engineer
"It cuts the time of daily reporting. It would take an hour and now it takes 20 minutes. And it’s mobi..."
Taylor Jenkins
Crossland Construction

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