"With Rackspace DevOps we really solved a lot of problems that we were having initially, even though w..."
David Lieberman
VP Of Engineering
"We think it should be easier to ship applications from one data center to another than it is to ship..."
Ben Golub
"We're not technical, so we relied on Rackspace for the technical guidance. For all intents and purpos..."
Lenny burke
Account Manager
"With the Rackspace private cloud, it’s very easy to add capacity. It’s often as simple as picking up..."
Todd Myers
"After moving our entire stack over to private cloud and consolidating our infrastructure, we’ll be re..."
Premesh Purayil
Chief Technology Officer
"Working with Rackspace is like adding an extention to [our] team. They're the right and left hand of..."
Vinícius Corrêa
IT Expert
"We offer a studio-class service at industry-leading encoding speeds with guaranteed service level agr..."
Jeff Malkin
Chief Operating Officer
"Getting important features out to customers and being able to release at any time was a challenge. No..."
Marko Tomic
"We have customers in more than 40 countries, If we could bring up environments closer to our customer..."
Don Eash
Executive Vice President and COO
"Our customer base is not looking at a one-size-fits-all when it come to Cloud. Partnering with Racksp..."
Andrew Stone
Global Account Manager
"Commvault is a data-management company, focused on helping organizations activate their data and also..."
Todd Sommers
Area Vice President
"Our products and applications are designed to give our partners the ability to engage and monetize th..."
Clay Simmons
Senior Developer/Architect
"If they go to the site and its not beautifully designed, they might be reluctant to buy, resulting in..."
Julius Kurushko
Chief Executive Officer
"Rackers are big fans of TechCrunch. We also had many of our own customers launch at their recent conf..."
Emil Sayegh
General Manager
"Rackspace’s agility and speed in implementing solutions made all the difference in their effectivenes..."
Michelle Pacynski
Vice President of IT
"We love having the Rackspace Cloud environment and the ability to scale up and down very easily, both..."
Roy O’neill
Technical Director

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