"Our Rackspace Hybrid infrastructure allows us to provide the best experience to our consumers, which..."
Steve Vitale
Director of Ecommerce
"Since switching to Rackspace we’ve seen the availability of our product improve as well as the perfor..."
Heath Hensley
Chief Technology Officer
"We’re all part of a family within the cloud, and we think that our relationship with Rackspace is a v..."
Tom Lounibos
President and CEO
"As we grew from just one customer to where we are now, handling millions of transactions per month, w..."
Jason Adams
Senior Developer
"Our affiliation with Rackspace is advantageous in our discussions with new customers, because it help..."
Brian Fitzpatrick
Chief Technology Officer
"OnMetal is an absolute game-changer. It’s a perfect hybrid between the cloud and dedicated virtual. Y..."
Shiem Edelbrock
"If don’t hear anything from my supplier, I assume that everything efficiently. The specialists at Rac..."
Dennis Steen
Capital ID
"Rackspace cloud provides an incredible amount of flexibility for us. With the open API, spinning up s..."
Mason Blake
CTO & Co-Founder
"Previously, With Our Privately Hosted Service, We Were Unable To Effectively Scale Our Services To Me..."
David Moulton-Bark
Head of Infrastructure & Service Delivery
"Our customer base is not looking at a one-size-fits-all when it come to Cloud. Partnering with Racksp..."
Andrew Stone
Global Account Manager
"Commvault is a data-management company, focused on helping organizations activate their data and also..."
Todd Sommers
Area Vice President
"The beauty of what we have built with Rackspace is that we are ready for anything...."
Wilco Noordermeer
Infrastructure Manager Cloud Solutions,
"Rackspace has not let us down. We have no performance issues and consistently high availability at al..."
Ken Platt
"Where Rackspace made a difference was their focus on support. They helped us design the infrastructur..."
Steven Luyckx
IT Manager
"We wanted to ensure our employees working on the ground were easily able to use mobiles and tablets a..."
Chris Mountjoy
Head of Business Support
"We particularly use Open Source tools for application development. Knowledge of these tools and suppo..."
Eef Zondervan
Information Technology Director

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