"We saw Rackspace as a trusted adviser to help us design the right, scalable architecture. Not only sc..."
Stephen Bulfer
Founder & CEO
"Since our users face seasonal ecommerce demand, and because we don’t always encounter predictable int..."
Dario DeSantis
Product & Engineering Manager
"We’re all part of a family within the cloud, and we think that our relationship with Rackspace is a v..."
Tom Lounibos
President and CEO
"After moving our entire stack over to private cloud and consolidating our infrastructure, we’ll be re..."
Premesh Purayil
Chief Technology Officer
"The world-class security system provided by Rackspace is rare in the industry...."
Wan Yunfei
Global IT Director and GM Shanghai
"One of the key reasons that we went with Rackspace in the first place was we were looking for somethi..."
David Young
Chief Technology Officer
"Knowing That Our Team Of Rackspace Experts Is Readily Available To Support Us Gives Me The Peace Of M..."
David Gould
Director of Architecture and Technology Solutions
"We liked Rackspace because it has a good legacy data center foundation and made major investments in..."
Tom Gilley
"We needed a company specializing in infrastructure and in the management of such infrastructure. The..."
Galleger Ilhe
Commercial Director
"If we didn’t have the ability to just turn on additional servers to scale up and know that the infras..."
Ken McDonald
Chief Growth Officer
"From the customer experience, we got faster load times, lower latencies, and just an overall more ref..."
Tim Soderstrom
Database Administrator
"It was clear from the first conversation that Rackspace had the expertise we required. It wasn’t stuc..."
Tom Lasparini
Chief Operating Officer
"As our business expanded, we wanted to ensure we could provide our clients with a reliable, secure an..."
Trefor James
Head of Operations
"The support we get from Rackspace means we get the best out of the solutions we choose, without the h..."
Liam O Reilly
Head of IT
"Different sports have different seasons and different areas. Sometimes, it’s hard to know how much th..."
Frank Watervoort
Chief Engineering Officer
"Pengo offers added value by being a company that is 100% focused on its tool, and which will always s..."
Efren Tapia
Director of e-Commerce

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