"I am very happy with Qubole! Our goal at MediaMath was to take our existing industry leading infrastr..."
Marc Rosen
Senior Director of Data Analytics
"Qubole offers a big data ETL and exploration service through auto-scaling Hadoop clusters with a web..."
Christian Prokopp
"Using Qubole Data Service, we have reduced our monthly cluster processing costs by 50%. And, we’re ge..."
Shailesh Garg
Head of Analytics
"Instead of worrying about provisioning clusters of machines or job flows or whatever, Qubole lets you..."
Nicholas Andonakis
Senior Product Analyst
"There’s a whole world of web companies, SMBs and other non-Facebooks or Yahoos that will want to use..."
Derrick Harris
Senior Writer
"Before we partnered with Qubole, we had to wait a minimum of 48 hours to access our data, and that wa..."
Ng Kim Hoe
IT Strategy and Architecture
"There was obvious demand for answers to questions that the data would offer, and Qubole provided us a..."
John Slocum
VP, Data Management Platform
"A full year of data for our larger clients is in the billions of rows of records. We have three major..."
Mike Rancourt
Senior Product Manager of DMP
"The amazing thing is that we do a lot more with Qubole, and for less money. We’re very happy with tha..."
Tal Maizels
Chief Technology Officer
"Our data users were changing. We needed to support not only professionals interested in descriptive r..."
Nathan McIntyre
Data Engineer
"Within the first few weeks, Qubole enabled my team to use distributed frameworks to train and deploy..."
David McGarry
Director of Data Science
"Qubole allows us to make more useful features for our customers by allowing us to combine multiple da..."
Jon King
Manager of Data Engineering
"As we made the transition to the cloud, Qubole's ability to automate the infrastructure and easily sc..."
Wade Warren
SVP Global Engineering and Tech Ops
"The paradigm of storage separate from compute infrastructure is first-class within Qubole...."
Ben Roubicek
Software Architect
"As our EC2 costs kept climbing and the spot market became more volatile, heterogeneous was the only o..."
Justin Wainwright
System Analysts
"The Qubole interface makes it easy for our developers to go to a notebook, pick a cluster, and get st..."
Lucas Waye
Principal Engineer

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