"Without automatic faxing, personnel would manually fax and manually control orders, invoices, and ack..."
Richard Welling
Project Manager
"What I like is that Quadrant Software is never stopping. They're constantly developing. I'm always ge..."
Johnny Johnson
IT Manager
"Our environment is 95% virtual so we wanted a document management solution that would seamlessly inte..."
Tyler Routliffe
Network Administrator
"I can’t say enough about their technical expertise, wittiness and willingness to be there whenever we..."
Mark Smith
IBM i Administrator
"Sensitive faxes, including resumes, job applications, quotes to purchasing, have less exposure throug..."
Mike Nichols
IT Director
"There's no build up at the fax machine...."
Julie Young
Purchasing Department Supervisor
"I don't have to go through the stationery department for franking and mailing, FastFax saves the wait..."
Alison Norris
Senior Analyst Programmer
"We are aware that we are only using a portion of what this product can deliver, we have recently inco..."
Nigel Bell
European IT Manager MIS
"Quadrant Software products have now become second nature. Their solutions have been an integral part..."
Bobby Sy
Systems and Technology Manager
"I have almost 40 other software vendors that I deal with and Quadrant Software tech support is second..."
Kristi Kuker
Bunzl plc
"Anytime I've had to use Quadrant's Technical Support it has been a great experience. Very knowledgeab..."
Irene Griffin
Seco Tools
"Because Quadrant Software solutions were easy to use, faxing and emailing went up considerably. Curre..."
Steve Prill
IT Operations Manager
"I'd say 95% of our documents go by fax or email directly from FastFax. We have very little paper usag..."
Tina Colon
Manager of Systems & Programming
"We don't need the inside consultant full time anymore. She's fixing printers and that's about it. So..."
Cynthia Simmons
IT Manager
"To be very, very honest, I don't think I understood the flexibility Formtastic would bring to the org..."
Diane Toby
Chief Operating Officer
"I'm not even sure that Quadrant Software is aware of how flexible their tools can be. We can take Com..."
Suzie Israel
Graphic Designer

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