"We started to 'discover' data as we started to see analyses that had previously not been visible, as..."
Tugce Denizlerkurdu
Director of Decision Support Support Systems and Portal Management Project Manager
"We trust QlikView. With QlikView functioning as an ETL tool, for the first time we were able to monit..."
Spilios Theodoratos
Business Intelligence Architect
"Qlik helps us visualize these large amounts of data, allowing us to stay ahead of commercial and oper..."
Klemen Drole
Chief Information Officer
"We wanted a platform that was scalable and flexible, which Qlik is, but can also become highly polish..."
Christopher Dean
Business Intelligence Business Architect
"Two years ago we realized a need to consolidate our existing sales data and analyze it all in one pla..."
Alvin Gillis
Director of Large Business Operations for North America
"We’d identified some factors that are crucial for us, such as high performance, flexibility, usabilit..."
Aileen Zhang
Director of Data Analysis
"QlikView empowers us to continuously adjust our business processes. This has led to a substantial imp..."
Koen Muylle
Project Manager
"What was virtually impossible is now possible with QlikView. QlikView is going to give us all kinds o..."
Terry Kavouras
Business Intelligence Manager
"The innovation and scale of QlikView moved it from a pretty cool tool to an enterprise-class BI solut..."
Mark Tracy
Director of Decision Support Systems
"With QlikView, everyone within the company can independently “play around” with the data to create gr..."
Dirk Notaert
Business Intelligence Manager
"Users love QlikView and how they can instantly access data for planning new campaigns or running inve..."
Mohit Govani
Director IT
"Business unit managers are always asking IT for data, in hopes that they will gain information. When..."
Mike North
Vice President of Risk Management
"QlikView, by letting us analyze and visualize our key data, provides us with the perfect basis for op..."
Cheikh Ould Oudeika
Manufacturing IT-Systems
"We can change the questions on the fly based on our day-to-day business, without a lot of time spent..."
Helmut Mayr
Manager of Finances and Controlling
"With QlikView the decision-making has changed – the system daily gives us fresh analytical data, and..."
Ekaterina Rudakova
Chief Information Officer
"QlikView allowed us to do a systematic and more exact analysis of management indicators, increase inf..."
Eng Luis Gomes
Director de Sistemas de Informaca

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