"Prophet helps us build – and maintain – trust with all our clients...."
Warren Johnson
Vice President of Business Development
"I would be insane without Prophet.It allows me to know I have a handle on my business in a simple and..."
Bob Carmody
Co-founder and Owner
"Due to organizational restructuring, we recently merged our corporate and investment banking division..."
Iona Williams
Bergshire Real-Estate
"Brianne Jeong was very helpful, took the time to understand how I needed to use Prophet, and was insi..."
Levinson and Co.
"Chantelle went out of her way to learn and understand OUR BUSINESS. She was meticulous in assuring th..."
Ringler Associates
"As we consider expanding CRM systems to our other affiliates our familiarity with Prophet and comfort..."
Eric Shelton
VP of Information Technologies
"Prophet CRM has helped us consolidate and standardize financial, purchasing, and sales processes comp..."
Naim Odom
Symone, Inc.
"Everything is tracked (in Prophet). We know who did it, what they did, and when they did it...."
Kyle Wagner
HIP Operations Manager
"My company relies heavily on accurate communication with customers in order to stay afloat. That’s on..."
Frank Mueller
"I have used other mortgage website vendors for lead generation purposes, and none of them have given..."
Gary Jones
Fearling Financial
"Kaye did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable that this product would help accomplish my goals..."
TelePacific Communications
"I really hadn’t been looking for a CRM. We were doing pretty well just dealing with our customers dir..."
James D'Asta
Production Manager
"As a real estate agent, I work out of my car. For years, I’ve been doing it the hard way. Keeping tra..."
Jackie Zhan
Simile Commercial Properties
"Has sales people hooked...."
Inside CRM
"We always knew that we were being left behind without a good CRM to help us manage our production pro..."
Jennifer Harkin
Process Manager
"Prophet does just that – it’s a critical tool for us in accomplishing our mission: To help grow local..."
Reagan Outdoor Advertising
General Sales Manager

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