"We evaluated over a dozen different systems. Procore was the system that met most of our needs...."
Sue Eacott-Comer
Project Executive
"Procore solved a lot of issues and brought more clarity and transparency to projects...."
Raymond Dobbins
Information Technology Project Manager
"We moved from brick and mortar apps to Procore. With Procore's all-in-one functionality, we're saving..."
Dustin Burns
Director of Information Technology
"When changes occur, you want the set of drawings in everyone's hand to be the most current. With Proc..."
Geoff Bambini
Business Development
"Procore really is intuitive and easy to use...."
Adam Martelli
Project Coordinator
"Because job costing is in the field, but integrated with project management and accounting, our syste..."
Matthew Redman
Operations and Technical Development Coordinator
"I take a lot of satisfaction in supporting the project managers who execute our project vision. My ho..."
Albert Nover
Finance and Contract Manager
"We got nearly 100% positive feedback from the users’ side. I started to hear things like ‘I can do th..."
Troy Thompson
Executive Vice President
"Procore’s investment into research and development, and all the apps that connect to the program it’s..."
Jason Tessitore
Designer/BIM Coordinator
"I noticed a vast difference when we started using Procore for the submittal process; it made everythi..."
Scott Kirouac
Project Manager
"I think the biggest thing is just letting the subs know, ‘Hey, we’re all on the same team and we’re a..."
Neil Lovelace
Technology Manager
"We wanted a more realtime connection between our data and our metrics. ConstructionBI helps keep our..."
Kristopher Lengieza
VP of Operational Excellence
"We had our best year in 35 years as a company after using Procore for one year...."
Wes Simpson
Green Mechanical
"Procore is foundational to making our entire business better. With Timesheets our foreman enter accur..."
Brandon Lopez
ABLe Communications
"Ease of use in maintaining and disbursing new information; about 8 hours a month. Better communicatio..."
Amanda Finnerty
Director of Internal Operations
"You’ve got your accounting people who want the balance sheet, income statement, and financial analyse..."
Heather Merz
Chief Financial Officer

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