"We are now in a good position for the future. Our revenue continues to grow, our systems are strong a..."
Dan Januszek
Assistant General Manager
"Anyone can now find and display data about their job or print out a report and make decisions that wi..."
Howard Hauser
Vice President Operations
"With Plex Systems, there is always flexibility to expand and enhance what we have...."
Dan Mullins
Senior IT Project Manager
"Plex Cloud ERP helps standardize business functions across multiple North American facilities...."
Tony Brown
"We felt Plex was a much better fit for us because it is designed specifically for manufacturers...."
Paul Wright
Chief Information Officer
"Plex has allowed us to reduce our entire company’s paperwork by over 50 percent...."
Mike McDermott
"Our goal was to outsource the IT function so we can concentrate fully on our core business. Plex let..."
Ben Sommerville
Chief Operating Officer
"It’s a wonderful thing. The whole Plex system has helped us elevate the effectiveness of our operatio..."
Matt McDermott
Director of Operations
"Integrated functions link financials, production, engineering, quality, ordering, and shipping. We n..."
Mark Davis
Stat Medical X-Ray Tubes, Inc
"Plex has simplified our processes to a large extent. The whole process of customizing a product for s..."
Sigrid Valk-Feeney
President and Owner
"It reduces the number of calls we get exponentially. Customer portals allow clients to manage their i..."
Aaron Bacon
Sales and Marketing Representative
"The Plex system prevents us from working on a part unless everything is set up properly, the correct..."
ByTec Inc
Quality Manager
"Mission-critical data is always accessible, safe, and secure. Plex’s flexibility is one of its greate..."
Patti Nowak
Implementation Project Manager
"Plex’s error-proofing protocol prevents the shipping of mixed parts or misaligned products. Transacti..."
Hideki Katsu
Vice President
"Plex enables us to maintain our rapid growth by facilitating collaboration and communication between..."
Quatro Composites
"Plex is the only completely integrated MRP/ERP business system that I have ever seen...."
David Smith
Vice President of Operations

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