"Anyone can now find and display data about their job or print out a report and make decisions that wi..."
Howard Hauser
Vice President Operations
"We felt Plex was a much better fit for us because it is designed specifically for manufacturers...."
Paul Wright
Chief Information Officer
"Wherever we go next with Plex, one thing I can say is that we are absolutely delighted with the level..."
Jason Parsell
Site Training Coordinator
"Since the launch of Plex, we’ve had only miniscule variation in physical inventories. I can trace eve..."
Jessica Marco
"When our customers come in and see the level of traceability we’ve established with Plex, they’re blo..."
Chris Galik
"Our inventory is down at least 20%, and our finished goods and raw material inventory is down by 15%...."
Ryan Kjellstrom
Vice President of Line Sales and Marketing
"The real-time nature of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, with the cross company visibility it gives ever..."
Kent Baxter
FT Precision
"Plex’s change control/history screens track who is doing what on the shop floor based on employee IDs..."
Brent Hunter
IT Manager
"Our supply chain reacts more quickly and nimbly to changes in customer demand. The automated, paperle..."
Mark Williams
Senior Staff Engineer
"Plex has simplified our processes to a large extent. The whole process of customizing a product for s..."
Sigrid Valk-Feeney
President and Owner
"Plex enables us to maintain our rapid growth by facilitating collaboration and communication between..."
Quatro Composites
"Compared to how long it used to take Accounting to close the books each month, with Plex, the time ha..."
Michelle Campbell
Systems Analyst
"The simple fact that our drawings are revision-controlled and available from the Plex control panel,..."
Joshua Hopp
"Plex provides the flexibility and customization to accommodate all variables required for every prost..."
College Park Industries
"A big improvement that I see with Plex is the fact that we can do live scheduling. We can now move a..."
John Brayshaw
Operations Manager
"Better quality, more efficiencies, and enhanced communication. All those things help us build better..."
Mike O’Malley

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