"We love the flexibility of the tool and how much more it can do than emails. The way we were doing th..."
Susanne Korta
Project Manager
"It is a very powerful thing to be able to show the executives, in a data-driven way, all of the great..."
Amber Meryman
Director of Portfolio Planning
"Planview Consulting really challenged us in saying, ‘If you are going to capture data, make sure you..."
Cathleen Curley
Assistant Director PMO Office
"We knew what we needed – and Planview delivered. This has dramatically improved our productivity whil..."
Cheryl Randle
Process and Capability Manager
"We have expanded Planview Enterprise into different groups on campus. It’s more than just a project p..."
Patricia Schneider
Project Director
"We now understand demand and how it is prioritized. No matter the question or the issue, people can p..."
Stacie Mastin
Manager, Capacity and Planning Department
"Planview Enterprise has helped us realize that by cancelling doomed projects early, we can focus on o..."
Joel Clarke
Innovation Coordinator
"We’ve saved approximately 1,000 hours a year across our 12-person PMO using Projectplace...."
Dawn Acosta
PMO Consultant
"Using Projectplace, we save time by choosing one impact that was valuable and sharing that in social..."
Jill Hayhurst
Digital PMO Resource and Capacity Manager
"LeanKit has a level of flexibility I’ve never experienced before in other tools. We use it for managi..."
John Spiers
Content Quality Manager
"This has really paid off to help us understand capacity and planning for the next 12 to 18 months...."
Brad Clark
Director, Enterprise Portfolio Management
"Using investment planning, at the earliest point in our history, we understand our work for the next..."
Betsy V. Stikeleather
Manager in the Enterprise Portfolio Management
"Planview LeanKit is so easy to use, other departments are utilizing it in their own ways to manage wo..."
Sheri Keller
Agile Coach
"In HR, we were using word processor software to capture work, spending more time fighting the technol..."
Janette Brace
Agile Coach
"We had to move from a traditional operating model based on traditional methodologies to thinking more..."
Large Insurance and Finance Company
Head of Change Center of Excellence
"The fact that we can modify the board structure as much as we need allows us to use the same tool for..."
Leading Aviation Trade Organization

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