"Which brings me back to OrientDB: when you have multiple processes and multiple people undertaking mu..."
Philip Howard
Research Director
"We have chosen OrientDB because we needed a Graph database to manage relationships among documents in..."
Claudio Tesoriero
"I really appreciate to use OrientDB, due to the point, that it can be integrated very easily and that..."
Philip Wenig
"...Neo4j has cornered the market... In truth there aren't many alternatives out there, but alternativ..."
Julian Ursell
Category Editor
"I narrowed my choices to OrientDB and Neo4j. It’s been a couple years since that decision process occ..."
Dave Sims
Founder and CEO
"I am glad we didn’t have a learn some aliens language like Cypher to traverse and find patterns out o..."
Kashif Masood
Technical Executive
"As a result our DNS server was able to move to a model that keeps almost every zone in memory while s..."
Jeffrey Damick
Neustar Principal Software Engineer
"OrientDB’s design proved to be the perfect compliment to our platform. OrientDB saved us countless ti..."
Jim Marino
Architect & Technology Strategist
"Before we selected OrientDB we developed a few prototypes to evaluate the performance of the database..."
Odysseas Pentakalos
"OrientDB had all the features that we needed to tackle the challenge in the agreed time limit. There..."
Fabrizio Fortino
Consultant Software Engineer
"Simply, if you are open source, then Neo4j is open source; if you are closed source, then Neo4j is co..."
"Once we began using OrientDB and working with graphs, our algorithms were 2.5 times faster!..."
Andrey Kozak
Chief Executive Officer
"The main selection criteria were: language on which DBMS was developed, License, Graph model, API, qu..."
Vadim Savchuk
"Compared to the original use of Oracle & MySQL, our decision-making time decreases from the original..."
Gordon Xiao
Senior Technical Director
"New technologies such as the MVRB-tree algorithm implemented in the OrientDB graph database have prov..."
Scott Bauer
National Institutes of Health
"OrientDB can do in milliseconds what our RDBMS could never do. With it, we are much more effective at..."
Kisho Dai
Team Lead

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