"We did not want to start charging our customers for paper invoices, as we wanted to find positive way..."
Petri Auvinen
Director, Business services unit
"As the basic payment processes have now been harmonized and they run rapidly and reliably, liquidity..."
Annika Westerholm
Director,Treasury Market Operations
"Dealing with school transport decisions now requires just a third of the time it used to take. In add..."
Pasi Ojaniemi
Service Manager, Transport and Materials Services
"We can concentrate on business control, analyze the matters behind the numbers and look ahead...."
Risto Laaksonen
Group Financial Controller
"It is vital for us to be able to provide our local companies with invoice types adapted to local circ..."
Emma Ek
Business System Analyst
"When Jungheinrich Lift Truck Oy started using the OpusCapita Invoices software for processing its pur..."
Raija Viitamäki
Deputy Managing Director
"Instead of following behind, we are able to adapt up-front. We are a lot calmer in our cash managemen..."
Hans-Erik Trulsen
Cash Management Director
"We chose OpusCapita as our partner because they had a comprehensive view and were able to rapidly off..."
Yaron Nadbornik
Head of Purchasing
"OpusCapita as a business partner has a great level of availability combined with a practical approach..."
Trine Wollum
IT Manager
"The users must be very pleased, as Apoteksgruppen’s dedicated support receives very few questions. I..."
Simona Muntean
"We have a good partnership, which means that OpusCapita actively suggests development ideas and we ar..."
Henna Maja
Payment transactions and invoicing services unit
"This software can design the data output itself and then adapt it internally further in the operation..."
Christian Wolf
Project Manager PIM and Publishing
"Using iPost to send patient invitations and treatment summaries makes our job easier, saves a conside..."
Gunilla Ingman
IT Planner
"Paper invoices will continue to be offered as an option for a long time to come. However, our part of..."
Lena Nystrand
Financial Manager
"With OpusCapita, continuous development really works. They understand the requirements of our licensi..."
Pasi Hautalahti
Chief of Licensing
"We want to be able to minimise our costs and the volume of manual mailing by using the automated iPos..."
Kirsi Saranka

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