"You can’t prevent the unpredictable, but you can prevent those events from becoming disasters through..."
Julie O’Brien
GM and Marketing Director
"It gives me peace of mind that the right message will be sent for the situation at hand, so our team..."
Shye Gilad
Co-founder and CEO
"Omnilert made a lot of sense because it is a simple system that was easy to set up with the core func..."
Mark Lierley
Chief Information Officer
"Every moment that a member of campus is unaware of an incident, bad things are happening. The ease wi..."
Gus Porter
Environmental Health Safety & Preparedness Manager
"We installed Omnilert late in ’04 and know that we have taken a huge stride forward in our notificati..."
Maury Chaput
Executive Director of Facilities and Capital Development
"We had a power outage just before setting up Omnilert. We essentially had to verbally notify everyone..."
Matt McManness
VP Resource Learning
"Omnilert was the only provider who met all our selection criteria – giving us a solution that offered..."
Thomas Lovince
Assistant Vice-Chancellor/Chief Information Officer
"With Omnilert we can communicate to our people in a timely manner and we know that we have a system f..."
Rumi Walsh
Facilities and Administration Manager
"Every time we’ve ever needed to use the system, it was up, ready to be used...."
Jacky Betts
Director of Trauma
"We also quickly realized that we needed a better plan for redundancy across other communication vehic..."
Patrick Weidinger
Director of Safety
"It’s a reliable service that works and the other part is the cost of it is very reasonable...."
John Morley
Coordinator of Security
"When they said something about a mass notification system, I never thought it was going to be somethi..."
Will Howard
Chief of Police
"We love their support! Anytime we need any sort of question answered just to make us feel better, or..."
Jamie Trusner
Manager Information Services
"The training on it is so simple. It took 20 minutes to do the training but really you could learn it..."
Steven C. Deck
Assistant Director and Safety Manager
"Extremely user friendly! It’s a great product and I have no intentions on leaving e2Campus...."
Jim Bottoni
Director of Public Safety
"If I am going to be instantly immersed in an emergency situation, I need to put a message out and spe..."
William Schmitz
Director of Safety & Security

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