"Okta is our front door. It's our entryway into all of those services and systems that we need to do o..."
Ian Cook
Head of IT
"With Okta, McCarthy has been able to realize significant benefits through productivity savings. Our e..."
Michael Oster
VP & Chief Information Officer
"Okta plays a role in all three of my initiatives: Cyber security, business productivity, and best of..."
Gus Shahin
"Identity management is core to Okta. They do the best job. When I go to Okta, I get the best services..."
Andy Nallappan
VP, Chief Information Officer
"We were maintaining LDAP and providing a little too much support and not enough support at the same t..."
Dan Morris
Sr. Director, Architecture and Engineering
"AutoTrader.com is a portfolio company offering 7 to 8 different products. These are all SaaS based ap..."
André Gold
VP, Enterprise Infrastructure & Security
"Okta has been tremendous and transformational for the way we do business and secure our applications,..."
Stanislav Burdeynyy
IT Guru
"Okta has freed up resources that allowed us to stop focusing on internal IT and start focusing on the..."
Tony McGivern
"We saw Okta as a great partner for us as we embark on this journey to what computing looks like for t..."
John Swieringa
Executive Vice President of Operations
"Okta was key to accelerating our evolution to a zero trust model. This was the identity plane where w..."
Melody Hildebrandt
Global CISO
"The best software today is coming out in SaaS, and traditional IT has not been able to manage it. Okt..."
Rob Fischer
Senior IT Manager
"There’s a lot of value in having an integrated data and mobility solution. We don’t have to worry abo..."
Chris Sanchez
DevOps System Administrator
"We rely on Okta through all of these scenarios. Having a single identity provider that can help us do..."
Rish Tandon
"As data, the cloud, analytics, and IoT become the center of our strategy, identity becomes more and m..."
Roger Pilc
Chief Innovation Officer
"This API ecosystem is important to all the solutions we build. We’ve gotten great support building ou..."
James Fairweather
Senior Vice President of E-commerce and Technology
"With Okta, we were able to build on the platform connectivity to multiple systems without any interru..."
Kenn Bryant
Director of Architecture and SaaS Services

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