"We selected Numerix CrossAsset as a solution for its usability, fast deployment, and ease of integrat..."
Sébastien Rouzaire
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
"In choosing Numerix CVA, we received the best performing methods for each instrument category and a r..."
Dr. Roland Stamm
Head of Risk Methods and Valuation
"Numerix CrossAsset is a highly flexible tool, which provides us with complete model coverage in all r..."
Krisztian Kovacs
Head of Middle Office
"The Numerix platform plays a central role in elevating our risk management infrastructure and analyti..."
Michael DeWeirdt
Senior Vice President, Financial Risk Management
"This new module enabled Transamerica to reduce end-to-end run time from 40 hours to 6 hours while imp..."
Hunt Blatz
Vice President and Head of Model development
"By implementing Numerix analytics and utilizing its models and methods library, we’re able to reduce..."
Mats Ihrlund
Chairman of the Valuation Steering Group
"Numerix products are vital to our ability to value complex derivatives real-time, allowing the compan..."
Jonathan Cowan
CFA; National Manager, Rate Desk & Derivatives
"With Numerix’s high performance computing environment and custom analytics applications underpinning..."
Stephen Knight
Chief Executive Officer
"We have a responsibility to our customers to guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the models us..."
Luc Leonard
Head of Validation
"The flexibility of Numerix models and transparency that comes with the ability to view and customize..."
Jean-Philippe Medecin
Head of ALM
"We selected Numerix because we value its wide range of asset-classbased analytic tools and models, as..."
Pan Fengru
General Manager of the Market Analysis Department
"It became clear that Numerix was best positioned not only to provide LBHI with the valuations we need..."
Daniel Ehrmann
Managing Director of Alvarez & Marsal and co-head
"STI CS is also pleased to have played a strategic role in helping Numerix to secure its first client..."
Donnie Choi
"We are pleased with the outcome of that decision and also with Numerix’s ability to offer valuations..."
Connie Lin
Chief Risk Officer
"Risk management is also a key issue to address in today’s marketplace. In the past, it would usually..."
Tony Kao
Senior Vice President of Financial Marketing Department
"Derivatives perform critical functions for investment managers and institutional investors. Our globa..."

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