"As far as getting employees knowledgeable on it, it was a breeze...."
Mary Bradford
Office Manager
"We had our sights set on an application service provider (ASP) so that we would not have to worry abo..."
Laurie Davis
Good Health Family Practice
"Having a cloud-based system versus a server based? Let’s just say when the electricity goes out I’m s..."
Andrea Garver
Chief Operations Officer
"We can now determine students that owe a large amount of money and begin discussions with them on pay..."
Daniel Bruey
American University
"The ease of use and the cost are the two things that I think are the best...."
Eileen Guttman
Health Center Supervisor
"In terms of it being cost effective, I really don’t think you can beat it...."
Elayne White
Office Manager
"That's the main thing I love about it. You can access it anytime, anywhere...."
Ronda Najjar
Billing Manager
"She goes through all of our patients for us quickly. I mean, we've probably had issues for the past t..."
Linda Sanders
Office Manager
"We chose NueMD because of the affordability and because the documentation was very easy to understand..."
Debora Garza
Administrative Director
"We've had no issues for years and years and years... it's been very good is my point...."
H. William Martin Jr.
"When we started this company there was no question about which software we were going to use...."
Julie Nobles
"NueMD is the perfect system. You don't need to be computer savvy to use it...."
Marie Reed
Office Manager
"If I have a problem I love the idea that I can call you up. And even though I can’t really explain it..."
Lynn Miller
Office Manager
"The staff is very responsive to our requests both on the phone as well as email...."
Jay DiVagno
"It's really nice to have an easy working system...."
Esther Horst
"Because of the intuitive nature of NueMD, my wife who didn’t speak English learned NueMD very well...."
Garth O. Vaz

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