"Nintex is like the best legal associate I could hire. He’s never going to get anything wrong. He’s go..."
Nicholas Wolfe
Legal Counsel
"Transaction and approval errors decreased, but the main benefit is scalability—the solution model is..."
Frederick Nathanael
Head of Business Process and Operations Management
"The Nintex Workflow engine is so powerful, it’s a real game-changer for our SharePoint customers—and..."
Scott Swidersky
"Our sales people are better equipped for success with the case studies we produce with Nintex Drawloo..."
Caleb Sidel
Vice President and Chief Architect
"Nintex Promapp has delivered us the perfect solution at what has been the right time for our organiz..."
Amel Tannous
Manager Business Systems
"In my opinion, Nintex is easy to use and quick to be learned. With Nintex, you can complete projects..."
Alessandro Mucciarella
Head of IT Development and Change Project Leader
"With the previous system it took us a while to work out statistical data – with Nintex Promapp we can..."
Annette Pianezzola
Senior Risk & Controls Analyst
"Colorpak is performing at a world-class level. I’m quite proud of it. I know that our customers appre..."
Garth Pickett
General Manager
"The Nintex Platform allows our company to scale without overworking people. We’re trying to uncomplic..."
Cory Ostroski
SharePoint Administrator
"Intelligent Process Automation and predictive analytics are as close as you can get to the holy grail..."
Blake Wolff
Senior VP of Services & Alliances
"It was so easy to get up and going with Nintex DocGen. Within the first week, we had five document pa..."
David Fidler
Director of Operations
"A project with 150 site collections, so many users and tailored solutions, well, it’s impossible to d..."
Fredrik Andresen
Senior SharePoint Consultant
"What Nintex gives end-users is a dependable service. Users know what we will deliver, and can expect..."
Kjell-Rune Nordli
Collaboration System Owner, Sports Office
"Without Nintex, we’d be very unhappy. We’d certainly come to our knees, and we’d find it incredibly d..."
Bryan Kimmel
"I think everybody will recognize the idea that SharePoint can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning...."
Ira Dobrow
IT Development Manager
"Nintex Forms integrates well with our SharePoint Intranet, so it is easy for our staff to find the co..."
Elena Schneider
IT Project Manager

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