"As a charitable organisation spread across nine locations, we have been successful in reducing the ti..."
Amber Simpson
Director of People and Performance
"One of the major achievements of Business Focused HR has been the positive collaboration between five..."
John Wallace
Head Of Business Focused HR
"NGA Human Resources convinced us, during the selection phase, by its responsiveness, its rapid unders..."
Eric Boson
Manager I/S Collaborative & Human Resources Solutions
"We are very happy with the new system. Now we can centrally follow-up on headcount, employee training..."
Eija Salo
Global Personnel Development Director
"Preceda is an ideal fit for this industry; and a key part of how the payroll function provides value..."
Andrew O’Toole
General Manager, Corporate Services
"We are very satisfied with NGA’s HR solution and capabilities. Their international presence and thoro..."
Alain Souny
Group HRIS Director & India HR Lead
"Staff now make the updates online, which means they reach us much quicker than paper form filling. Th..."
David Binning
Payroll Manager
"We have certainly achieved the objectives we set when choosing NGA Human Resources. In addition, with..."
David Hart
Supply Chain Director
"The Web Recruiment module is a valuable addition to our HR tools. From an efficiency point of view it..."
Kelly Cooke
HR Systems & Reporting Manager
"Because the new MSS modules by NGA Human Resources were so intuitive and easy to use, managers lobbie..."
Valeriano Amari
Head of HR Planning, Controlling and Payroll
"Throughout the project, NGA Human Resources was perceived as a pragmatic, results-oriented company th..."
Julien Dekeyser
Responsible for Human Resources
"Once a person changes role, where they have different allowances and leave entitlements, all those en..."
Leanne Kenny
Payroll/HR Supervisor
"From a ‘Return on Investment’ point of view, that’s 25 salaries saved and put to better use straight..."
Tom Cleary
IT Solutions
"The project success was made possible by the partnership, knowledge & commitment NGA HR demonstrated..."
Ryan Marr
HR Project Manager
"I look forward to working with NGA Human Resources to take this project into the next phase, and real..."
Brendan Collins
HR Director
"I’d really recommend that any companies who have a lot of shift workers and are looking for a Time &..."
Sandy Crump
Payroll Supervisor

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