"We hosted the my.BarrackObama.com website, so all social networks for the campaign, events, fundraisi..."
Chuck Hagenbuch
Senior Software Architect
"Having MySQL come on site was great, because we were able to optimize our database server more quickl..."
Chad Cluff
Backstage Library Works
"The Network Admission Control System (NAC) is a mission critical application for the College of Willi..."
Norman Elton
Network Engineer
"A full year later, we are happy to call this migration a success — MySQL performance and reliability..."
Sam Lambert
Director of Technology
"We view MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition as a strategic technology in our applications portfolio...."
Jeff Cortley
Vice President, Subscriber Data Management
"We rely on MySQL because it has become the default database for shared and managed hosting environmen..."
Massimo Bandinelli
IT Infrastructure Manager
"We have had two very successful engagements. A great deal of knowledge was transferred, many improvem..."
Richard Buford
"Using MySQL with partitioning, we took our product from a maximum of 3,500 records per second to 22,0..."
Bruce Butterfield
Development Manager
"I use the MySQL Enterprise Monitor every day to monitor and keep tabs on our MySQL databases. Quick o..."
Wes Homer
Sr, System & Network Administrator
"Paggo would not have been possible without MySQL Cluster. No other product would have give us the abi..."
Cicero Torteli
"We chose MySQL for its reliability, ease of use, low administration and high performance. MySQL allow..."
Mike Wallen
Version Cue Product Manager
"By powering our system with MySQL, we have full access to the source code which makes the debugging p..."
Martin K. Iversen
Project Manager for AKM
"We required an open source solution that was well maintained, stable, and actively growing. In additi..."
Brad Hall
Systems Administrator
"We rely on MySQL Cluster as the key technology behind RewardsPlus, which helps us increase the Averag..."
Tan Tiong Heng
General Manager of Core Network Planning
"We have successfully implemented MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition for our highly mission critical..."
François Leygues
Software Architect
"MySQL Cluster won the performance tests hands down, and it fitted our needs perfectly...."
Alain Chastagner
Systems Manager

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