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Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by MySQL.

FeaturedCustomers.com has 11 case studies. Browse this list to see how MySQL has worked with different customers like Big Fish and FairWarning.
Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by MySQL.

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It is expected that the initial deployment of MMS will be expanded to include all new web site developments, and to additional channels and gaming platforms. In addition, data volumes and loading frequencies are expected to increase, with the possibility of streaming real-time updates from the BI system to the recommendations platform. The on-line scalability of MySQL Cluster will enable Big Fish to meet these new requirements.

Sean Chighizola

Senior Director of Database Administration
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After Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Inc., FairWarning wanted to better understand Oracle's plans for MySQL's future. In a meeting with Oracle MySQL, the questions FairWarning had had about MySQL were answered: "MySQL's product roadmap fully addresses our needs. We like the fact that MySQL Enterprise Edition has everything included; there's no need to purchase separate modules. We've had a lot of good customer support." said Chris Arnold, FairWarning's Vice President of Product Management & Engineering. Based on Oracle's investment in MySQL, and their positive experiences using MySQL, FairWarning made the decision to continue to rely on MySQL as their solution database.

Chris Arnold

Vice President of Product Management & Engineering
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High Performance – In order to manage the huge networks of Global 2000 companies, NetQoS needed to architect a solution that could collect and analyze 100+ GB of data every hour. Using a combination of distributed MySQL databases for real-time data and an array of MySQL database appliances for historical data, NetQoS is able to collect many gigabytes of data for real-time troubleshooting as well as detailed performance records for historical analysis up to 13 months. For NetQoS customers, this means identifying and solving tactical problems faster, before they impact productivity. It also means having the right information available for strategic planning.

Ben Haley

Sr. Product Architect
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* Scalability to Support Terabytes by the Hundreds - "MySQL could handle large data support upwards of dozens of terabytes, even hundreds of terabytes," said Wiggs. Locality customers with hundreds of millions of records would not be an issue.

Jonathan Wiggs

Database Architect
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An AVST solution can process and record 50k new calls and 15k messages each day, adding 65,000 new records daily, or approximately 24 million records / year to its MySQL database. As messaging solutions, AVST products need to be able to search and find records in real-time. AVST solutions have been able do that with MySQL, even with large and constantly growing data volumes.

Tom Minifie

CTO, Avst
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According to John Moss, CEO of S2, “We had three primary considerations in selecting a database to embed in our system: cost, footprint, and functionality. The main reason we chose open source and MySQL was cost. We’re delivering an embedded product and needed a well-featured and reliable, yet low-cost database to be competitive.

John L. Moss

President and CEO
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The database had to be easy to use, with zero administration for mid-sized businesses that can't afford to manage another database in their enterprise, but also scalable and sophisticated enough meet the demands of the largest enterprises and service providers, with up to hundreds of thousands of end-users. In addition, the database had to efficiently manage extremely large data volumes as the database tables would record the disposition of each message through the software.

Paul Stephens

Senior Development Manager
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To address this need, RTTS created QuerySurge, the only testing tool built specifically to automate the testing of data warehouses and the ETL process. With the help of MySQL, QuerySurge ensures that the data extracted from sources remains intact by analyzing and pinpointing any differences in the data (down to a single character) between each leg of the ETL process. QuerySurge automates data warehouse test design, management, scheduling, execution, analysis and reporting. QuerySurge testing is up to 100 times faster than manual testing, and vastly more comprehensive, with the ability to test up to 100% of the data. In addition, QuerySurge is able to do all of this without any effect on data warehouse performance beyond running the test queries.

Jeff Bocarsly

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MySQL enabled us to deliver an award-winning, cost-effective network analysis solution that works out of the box. Also, only MySQL provides the performance to meet the high volume requirements of our enterprise customers.

James Van Bokkelen

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Wikipedia is the multilingual, Web-based, free encyclopedia that is produced collaboratively by volunteers. According to Alexa Traffic Rankings, Wikipedia consistently ranks in the Top Ten most-visited Web sites in the world. It hosts over 15 million articles in more than 260 languages. Every day, tens of millions of visitors learn more about their world — making nearly a half-million edits and creating thousands of new entries.

Stephen O'Grady

Principal Analyst
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In the earliest start-up days of Zappos.com, the company needed to properly balance their enterprise database requirements with the realities of a not-so-limitless IT budget. After evaluating several open source alternatives, they selected MySQL because it was the most robust, affordable database software available at the time.

Kris Ongbongan

Systems Manager
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