"Mule has proven to be a cost effective solution - allowing us to standardize on a single service inte..."
Jefferey Trimm
Principal Architect, GSI Commerce
"Unless you have a boxed or pre-packaged format for these integrations, you’re bound to slow down the..."
Jason Mondanaro
Director of Product Management
"Deepstacks University really shows what Mule integrated with cloud services can do. In the past a new..."
Zenon Rawley
Director of Software Development for Riptide
"Management of students is the core business of the university. When we touch the student system we to..."
Susnato Mukherjee
Project Manager, Student Information Management System
"While we use a lot of Oracle in house, we’re very keen on lightweight solutions to problems. Mule ESB..."
Chris Baker
Java Development Team Lead
"As a government agency tasked with innovation, open source is part of our DNA. We’re always looking t..."
Sierd Westerfield
Project Manager, Capgemini
"It was vitally important for us to update our own internal systems with technical capabilities that d..."
Vinod Sangaraju
Integration Development Manager
"Before MuleSoft and Salesforce, we were processing 30,000 applications per month with a $30 million a..."
Antoinette Taranto
Chief Customer Officer
"We are a cloud first, mobile first and API first state. We are constantly looking for opportunities w..."
Michael Brown
Deputy CTO
"With Cap4Lab and MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, we have been able to realize the modular architectural..."
Hugues Prevoo
Head of Architecture
"Our goal is to increase the likelihood of student success and the likelihood of students graduating,..."
Sidney Fernandes
System Vice President/CIO
"Everything is changing and as a consequence you need a strategy that isolates elements of that change..."
Julian Burnett
"At JetBlue, we’re focused on humanizing the travel experience and rethinking our approach to customer..."
Vitaly Faida
Manager of IT Product Release Engineering
"In the twelve months since introducing MuleSoft, we've developed a set of guiding principles that wil..."
Brendan Shivnan
Solutions Development Manager
"To enable growth and next-generation productivities, digitization is essential. As a CIO, I believe p..."
Esat Sezer
Former CIO
"The new Anypoint Platform release with the application network graph will provide us with even more v..."
Badrinath Ramamoorthy
Principal Engineer

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