"We have been big believers in the open source model and what it can deliver to users. Mule represents..."
Jason Whiting
Senior Information Technology Operations Manager
"Mule has proven to be a cost effective solution - allowing us to standardize on a single service inte..."
Jefferey Trimm
Principal Architect, GSI Commerce
"After implementing Mule ESB, system uptime has increased to 99.98% and downtime per each incident has..."
Hiroshi Tomokage
GM, Ube Industries, Information Systems
"We liked the fact that we were leveraging a packaged, tested integration, rather than reinventing the..."
Alison Meadows
HR Director
"We’ve got, quite literally, thousands of information feeds coming at us both in batch and real-time,..."
Tom Keen
Chief Technology Officer
"Deepstacks University really shows what Mule integrated with cloud services can do. In the past a new..."
Zenon Rawley
Director of Software Development for Riptide
"With Mule, we possess the flexibility and agility to meet the business needs while simultaneously bei..."
Kamlesh Sharma
Software Engineer
"MuleSoft powers our innovation vision. We chose to partner with them to drive speed of execution...."
Kristen Wilson-Jones
"It was vitally important for us to update our own internal systems with technical capabilities that d..."
Vinod Sangaraju
Integration Development Manager
"MuleSoft’s platform unified all the enterprise applications, enabling us to strike out as an independ..."
Andy Summers
Head of IT
"The pace of integration is only increasing. MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform increases our productivity b..."
Terrance Houston
Shared Services Program Manager
"With Cap4Lab and MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, we have been able to realize the modular architectural..."
Hugues Prevoo
Head of Architecture
"The biggest value of MuleSoft has been time. We went from months in the traditional sense of getting..."
Kash Patel
Vice President of IT
"The FX API, which we are offering to our partners, has been a game changer they can seamlessly integr..."
Sid Vyas
CTO in Capital Markets and Investment Banking Technology
"Everything is changing and as a consequence you need a strategy that isolates elements of that change..."
Julian Burnett
"We want to offer innovation as a service to our customers...."
Bipin Sahni
Head of Innovation and R&D

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