"Mirantis has the most OpenStack expertise and opens integrations to a vast number of software and har..."
Saleh Mosaibah
VP Cloud Services
"OpenStack brings the right level visibility and availability. If a workload goes down, we can see the..."
Vivien Bosc
Head of IT
"Mirantis delivered excellent customized solutions, training, and support so we can be successful in a..."
Andre Reitenbach
Managing Director
"We’re giving control back to customers to provision the bandwidth and virtual circuit in the way that..."
Leading Telecommunications and Technology Company
Vice President of Product Architecture
"Honestly, this is the best technical training I have ever taken. The trainer was very conscious of ou..."
Haley Shi
Principal Software Design Engineer
"The overview of architecture, followed up with the hands on labs was extremely useful. This is the tr..."
Greg Zukowski
Cloud Security Architecture & Engineer
"Open source cloud platforms bring innovation to meet our needs better than private vendors. Cloud arc..."
Fortune 500 Pay-TV Provider
Sr. Cloud Architect
"Helps you understand using an open source virtualization tool enabling you to eliminate dependency on..."
Chris Rand
Consulting Systems Engineer
"I have been struggling with OpenStack for the past year and run in couple of severe problems, mostly..."
Nickola Naous
Chief Information Officer
"Mirantis’s training is based on absolutely “Pure” OpenStack. This is one of the reasons, you should c..."
Hajime Miyamoto
Senior Engineer
"The Boot Camp session was most useful in providing an OpenStack component overview, along with workfl..."
Aaron Jablonowski
Manager, Data Center Automation Engineering
"For me, the most useful part of attending this Boot Camp was seeing and interacting with the software..."
Pat Holben
Chief Technology Officer
"If you want to understand how to create value for your customers around the cloud, take this class...."
Vinay Mamidi
Product Manager
"The boot camp proved to be a great hands-on conceptual overview supported by knowledgeable instructor..."
Barry Weber
Chief Technology Officer
"Technical overview, quantum networking and flow work for virtual machine creation made this class hel..."
Ahmed Al-Mehdi
Sr. Software Engineer
"Great program that guides you through OpenStack architecture and highlights its capabilities and limi..."
Russ McElroy
Manager – Storage Engineering

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