"The boot camp proved to be a great hands-on conceptual overview supported by knowledgeable instructor..."
Barry Weber
Chief Technology Officer
"Great program that guides you through OpenStack architecture and highlights its capabilities and limi..."
Russ McElroy
Manager – Storage Engineering
"The Boot Camp session was most useful in providing an OpenStack component overview, along with workfl..."
Aaron Jablonowski
Manager, Data Center Automation Engineering
"You’ll learn just about everything you would need to know about OpenStack...."
Yoko Hyakuna
Curriculum Developer
"This was a great experience even for someone just starting to learn OpenStack. The instructors were a..."
Joseph Williamson
OpenStack Cloud Network Engineer, Sr Advisor
"Mirantis delivered excellent customized solutions, training, and support so we can be successful in a..."
Andre Reitenbach
Managing Director
"I have been struggling with OpenStack for the past year and run in couple of severe problems, mostly..."
Nickola Naous
Chief Information Officer
"The OpenStack community combined with Mirantis’ support services give us the confidence we have the r..."
Gurdeep Singh
Product Development, Cloud Computing and Managed Security Services
"If you need a 2-day intensive introduction into the operation of OpenStack, this course is for you. I..."
David Kensiski
Director of Technical Infrastructure
"WebEx is a business-critical service and we never turn it off. At 3:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning, ou..."
Reinhardt Quelle
Operations Architect
"We’re giving control back to customers to provision the bandwidth and virtual circuit in the way that..."
Jon Vestal
VP of Product Architecture
"The most useful part of this Boot Camp was learning how to deploy OpenStack for real world use, and p..."
John Fogarty
Data Center Solutions Architect
"Through our cloud expansion, Mirantis continues to provide excellent training, support, and operation..."
Mario Müller
Corporate Director of IT Operational Services & Infrastructure Technologies
"What I’m particularly proud of is that the cloud itself is provided as infrastructure as code. So it..."
Tilman Schulz
System Analyst
"We liked OpenStack’s flexibility and modular architecture which closely matched our need to deliver f..."
Karthikeyan Subbiah
Vice President of Technology & Services Engineering
"Mirantis’s training is based on absolutely “Pure” OpenStack. This is one of the reasons, you should c..."
Hajime Miyamoto
Senior Engineer

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