"Thanks to MindMeister, our meeting times have reduced drastically. Meetings are short and sharp, beca..."
Liam Hughes
"Mind mapping has given our GDD a more colourful and interesting form, which has allowed for easier di..."
Leigh Radmore
Level Designer
"A game design document (GDD) is the bible that we as game developers try to stick to when developing..."
Justin French
Creative Director
"Using MindMeister and G Suite, I can cater to my target audience - executing an effective content mar..."
Jasmine Powers
"There is no mind mapping tool more sophisticated and user-friendly than MindMeister. I practically fo..."
Jürgen Schulze
"I can attest to the improved test scores my students have had while using mind maps for content revie..."
Anthony Valentin
World History Teacher
"Our Head of Directors is goal-minded and these collaborative tools - MindMeiseter, MeisterTask and th..."
Adriana Ramirez
Project Manager
"Mind mapping at its core is a graphic representation of thoughts and ideas. Based on the nature of it..."
Gerald Aquila
Founder & CEO
"We could also use Google Documents, but using mind maps is more visually attractive and easier to und..."
Marketing Manager
"When we found MindMeister we knew we needed to switch. We were really impressed by how fast it works..."
Matthew Dowding
Support Consultant
"I never found them (other mind mapping solutions) as simple and easy to use. MindMeister allows us to..."
Espree Devora
"Mind maps are a very efficient tool when it comes to organizing meetings. They offer a clear structur..."
Saskia Bral
Dewaele Group
"We needed a way to easily collaborate with clients to help retain valuable information during their c..."
David West
Senior Advisor & Partner
"My use of MindMeister in combination with Google Sites allows for the students to have a clear, visua..."
Thomas Hunt
Head of Physical Education
"When it comes to generating ideas and working through creative tasks, mind maps are 30% more efficien..."
Daniel Attallah
Founder and CEO
"I was always looking for a tool that could combine my to-do lists, notes and projects, but most solut..."
Eliška Cikán
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