"Before, we had different tools. Now we have access to the same information. Even though we have diffe..."
Jessica Raimondo
Marketing Manager
"We are absolutely delighted that we made the decision to roll out this stack of Microsoft products. W..."
Bob Gogel
"To best serve our clients, we need a best-of-class technology platform, fully optimized with lean bus..."
Deepak Batheja
Chief Technology Officer
"Windows Server 2012 will help us protect our data by reducing the time spent on wide area network-bas..."
Mark Salter
Computer Officer
"We’ve replaced static data with interactive information, modernized the way we work together, and mad..."
Phillip R. Kennedy
Director of Information Technology
"Things change from second to second building up to a race, but the logistics team stays on track with..."
Nick Franza
Manager of Technology Development
"Answering unexpected questions on an analysts call can have an impact on our reputation and stock val..."
Chris Gregory
VP of IT Strategic Solutions
"Getting meaningful intelligence on people, processes, inventory, and revenue across each of our opera..."
Aaron Haggerty
Director of Operations
"We were working hard to overcome the inefficiency of our patient workflow systems. We didn’t have the..."
Joseph Lo
Chief Executive Officer
"We were looking for a solution that connected our entire technology ecosystem together in one unified..."
Nimesh Davé
Executive Vice President of Global Cloud
"This technology came through and proved to be just right for delivering the kind of robust, national..."
Majid Lahlou
"Because everyone shares the same workbook, checking it in and out of SharePoint Online, we don’t worr..."
Denise Katz
Crewing Manager
"By adopting Microsoft PowerApps, we got a fast, easy way to build and maintain a mobile app that uses..."
Robert Burg
Senior Manager, Technology Integration and Development
"We’re optimizing operations here - and we are a much more efficient operation now...."
Hesham Al Sohibani
Product Manager
"Previously, we couldn’t have precisely quantified our exposure to upstream oil and gas—the data just..."
Kent Yee
Senior Vice President of Corporate Development
"The flexibility it provides us as a business is critical to our growth and could not have been achiev..."

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