"[By using BI tools based on SQL Server 2012 and Windows Azure HDInsight Service,] we discovered that..."
Iain MacBrairdy
Business Manager, Emergency Medicine
"We quickly spun up the Windows Azure HDInsight cluster and processed six years worth of data in just..."
Paul Henderson
Business Intelligence Division Head
"It was extremely difficult to manage and support, costing thousands to develop basic functionality or..."
Chris Fraidakis
Program Manager
"The integrations between Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and SharePoint Online allow us to extend the b..."
Joe Tarulli
Corporate Sales Development Manager
"The cloud approach means we don’t have to worry about replicating multiple databases from our differe..."
Andy Maxwell
Director of IS
"Without a doubt, meeting the provincial privacy requirements for student data is the number one reaso..."
Josh Porter
District Manager of Information Technology
"Before we adopted Office 365, we had to manage an entirely separate set of email accounts. But now, w..."
Jeremy Mahler
Director of Technical Operations
"By openly sharing best-in-class electronic forms and e-learning modules, healthcare institutions can..."
Terrie Tucker
Director of eHealth
"We transformed a 15-step sequential approval to a 3-tier parallel process that handles every step, fr..."
Fabio Casti
"We have unique, challenging business requirements and we need to have sophisticated technology to mee..."
Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa
Chairman of the Supreme Council for Youth
"When we embarked on this digital transformation journey we weren’t looking to lead the field but to s..."
Nawaf Abdulrahman
"This portal has improved productivity and efficiency and, with this, the organizing committee was abl..."
Kim Min-Gyu
General Manager
"Google primarily generates its revenue through advertising, while Microsoft does not. That fundamenta..."
Rob Moore
District Principal of Education Technology
"Now that we’ve switched to Office 365, our employees can find the information they need in an instant..."
Gerold Biner
Chief Executive Officer and Pilot
"We now have a flexible infrastructure that has expanded considerably and at a much lower operational..."
Ghada Barakat
SSA IT Services
"Lync is changing the way we interact and get work done. Even when people are in the same building, th..."
Liberty Mutual
Project Manager

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