"OneDrive is invaluable for team collaboration. It allows me to efficiently monitor the status of seve..."
Keith Fafel
Chief of Staff, Cloud, Apps, and Data
"We knew that cloud technology was essential to our future success as a company and that our Microsoft..."
Steve Kasper
Director of IT
"Things change from second to second building up to a race, but the logistics team stays on track with..."
Nick Franza
Manager of Technology Development
"I feel like I’m the most efficient I’ve ever been. I love the fact that I can work on an Office docum..."
Stephen Byrd
Director, Technology Integration and Development
"We had a good idea that might have been lost if we had to wait for the IT support to prove the busine..."
Travis Bleile
Business Intelligence Developer
"SharePoint Online provides team sites …. And OneDrive for Business moves document storage from the PC..."
Bob Bruns
Chief Information and Security Officer
"People previously struggled to find what they needed in an abyss of documents, links, and resources d..."
Kathrine Lord
Senior Director, Global Mobility Lead
"We are saving more than $411,000 annually in licensing costs by retiring our previous service and usi..."
Bill Hall
Director of Service Desk Operations
"Because everyone shares the same workbook, checking it in and out of SharePoint Online, we don’t worr..."
Denise Katz
Crewing Manager
"By adopting Microsoft PowerApps, we got a fast, easy way to build and maintain a mobile app that uses..."
Robert Burg
Senior Manager, Technology Integration and Development
"We are not yet a fully digitally-transformed company. But what we have is absolutely the best platfor..."
Denis Mourghen
Head of IT Taylor Smith Group
"This is a very nice solution because it works in real time. Using Power BI, we can react instantly to..."
Renato Correia
Head of IT and Innovation
"Just by turning off our BI service for four hours each night, we estimate we’ll save 3,600 euros per..."
Rui Romano
BI Team Manager
"With PowerApps, we gain the ability to rapidly prototype, iterate, and publish solutions that better..."
Chris Miller
Chief Technology Innovation Officer
"As a salesperson, if you’re in the office, you’re likely not selling. If the mobile experience isn’t t..."
Jason Hunt
Executive, Digital Lead
"The insights gained by using the PowerApps solution goes to the heart of what we’re trying to achieve..."

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