"When the cut-over took place, the teams from both organizations worked closely together to ensure tha..."
Johan Kok
IT Operations Manager
"Security is obviously an enormous consideration, so it is extremely important that we work with a par..."
Joe Weber
Chief Technology Officer
"We can now create dashboards in Power BI, which gives team members almost free access to the data to..."
Mark Everest
IS Development Manager
"In the nine months since we introduced the Power BI dashboard, our overall compliance score increased..."
Matthew Johnson
Chief Population Health Officer
"Because IT gets so many user access requests, it took up to two weeks to establish the necessary secu..."
Darrell Manning
Director of Project Management for Piedmont Community Health Plan
"The answer was almost knocking on my door, telling me that it would be 50 percent cheaper for us to m..."
Kim Etheridge
Head of P3O Centre of Excellence
"We have also reduced the average time for filing claims from four weeks to one, the number of unatten..."
Eliseo Leyva
"Being able to make data-driven decisions in order to offer personalized experiences anytime, anywhere..."
Stavros Ioannou
Deputy CEO, Group Chief Operating Officer (COO) and International Activities
"Now, Eurobank business meetings make real changes to the way we do things, as we can access the infor..."
Konstantinos Tsiptsis
Head of Advanced Analytics and Campaign Management
"Data-driven decisions are core to our digital transformation...."
Anestis Petridis
Chief Information Officer
"We are excited with the incredible results we have achieved by deploying the Microsoft BI suite to en..."
Peter Kelly
Chief Executive Officer
"We have been able to reduce the backlog by 60% in a five month timeframe and make a significant contr..."
Andrew Bray
General Manager Supply Chain
"With the Microsoft cloud, we’re getting to the point where we can anticipate passenger flow and stay..."
Stuart Birrell
Chief Information Officer
"We use Azure to provide a way for local authorities, manufacturers, and other enterprises to collect,..."
Pierre Vidal
General Manager
"We looked at a lot of different BI tools to connect with Smartsheet, including Tableau. And really th..."
Kris McAloon
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology
"We’ve made the right decision to partner with Microsoft in the ERP. I think this is going to be a ver..."
Shamoon Sultan
Chief Executive Officer

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