"At Testify, we emphasize collaboration, using real-time data to make it easier for people to work tog..."
Sebastian Spindler
Key Account & Partner Manager
"The location feature is a huge help. Getting sales people to check in is fast and easy; they simply u..."
Nikhil Nair
Director of Sales
"This system allows us to go deeper and understand where efficiencies can be delivered through integra..."
Paul Bean
Mining Asia Pacific Chief Executive Officer
"Chillers account for about 50 percent of the energy consumption in a building. It’s higher than trans..."
Sudhi Sinha
VP and General Manager for the Digital Solutions Business
"We had a manufacturing customer identify a problem in one of its monthly reports…. It was able to tak..."
Jim Schwartz
Director, Strategic Marketing, Global Controls
"There’s no lack of data in our market today…. and many existing systems struggle to filter the signal..."
Nick Farrant
Senior Vice President
"Creating a rich curriculum with all of the resources to support [students’] learning is truly giving..."
Jonathan Bishop
"We aim for children to learn to compromise, to separate ideas from people and to be resilient enough..."
Matthew Pitts
"Second, the BI tools can be used out-of-the-box, and come with powerful mobile capabilities readily a..."
Piyaratt Sumritpradit
Assistant Director, Information Division
"Because we have our applications running in Europe, personal data security is very important. Microso..."
Jeroen Timmer
Director of Global IT and Process Management
"Kaizala is so powerful. Our managers can quickly access data in the format they find the most useful...."
Newton Kataka
Kaizala Project Senior Lead
"The innovation we offer is to streamline how our water is delivered to customers...."
Olga Bakun
Marketing Manager
"With Microsoft, we have found a way to ‘re-invent’ the water business - getting it to customers fresh..."
Andrey Salatsky
"Using analytics data is helpful across the board. Our team focuses on adoption to help the business b..."
Steve Sanderson
Engineering Manager for Collaboration and Cloud Service
"That tells us that we might need to launch another communications campaign or improve an existing one..."
Terry Zuhlke
Office 365 Engineer
"The Microsoft Azure platform makes it a lot easier for us to deliver on our vision without getting st..."
Richard Beesley
Senior Enterprise Architect Data Services

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