"With the cloud, we maintain similar compliance standards as before—and in some areas even better...."
Thilak Piyadigama
Chief Operating Officer
"The power of data is showing us a new path in the pharmaceutical industry...."
Luis Alfonso Díaz
Executive Vice President
"We know that election night coverage sees five times the amount of traffic as the next-day stories. M..."
Troy Thibodeaux
Data Journalism Editor
"We see huge demand from our members for data, and interesting visuals in which to present that data...."
Brian Scanlon
Global Director of Vertical Products
"We needed to find technology that could provide high levels of performance and scalability, as well a..."
Manoj Puthenveetil
Vice President of Software Engineering
"Compared to the earlier situation, now the reports and associated analysis for the entire group are g..."
Vivek Rajagopal
VP & Head – Business Analytics
"As we grew, we hired an IT admin who ended up leaving, so we had to either recruit another IT pro or..."
Nick Wright
Vice President Marketing & Technology
"By law, some of our clients require specific security and data residency measures. Between WBM’s secu..."
Jason Mewis
President & Senior Structural Engineer
"Power BI allows us to make the most of information in meetings, have the information at hand, track p..."
Marlon Javier Forero
Technology Manager
"Microsoft Power BI removed a lot of the manual steps I would typically need to manage and support...."
Dan Kempton
Data Journalist
"Matching the right caregiver to a patient is essential to improving patient satisfaction and healthca..."
Brett Knox
Chief Operating Officer
"Creating a rich curriculum with all of the resources to support [students’] learning is truly giving..."
Jonathan Bishop
"We aim for children to learn to compromise, to separate ideas from people and to be resilient enough..."
Matthew Pitts
"It's always been possible to think about productivity, and collaboration, and business intelligence i..."
Brett Bailey
Vice-President, WBM Technologies
"With no need to invest in physical infrastructure, scaling up has been fast, efficient and low cost...."
Ong Parker
Vice President, Business Development
"As soon as I get back to the office, I’ll connect to our system and process your request'. They can..."
Chris Harito
Chief Financial Officer

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