"Our CCA Analytics solution built with Power BI Embedded is designed to help improve financial perform..."
Aaron Hillman
Director of Global Product Marketing
"Microsoft is a great collaborator. Its expertise helps us in our mission to save children’s lives...."
Suzanne Laszlo
Executive Director
"With Customer Insights, we are more future-proof because it’s adaptable, flexible, and gives us the p..."
Guus van Dijk
Digital Transformation Manager
"Customer Insights really helps us to segment the right audiences, to focus on them, to engage them in..."
Astrid van Vonderen
Director of Fundraising and Private Individuals
"Knowing where DeShawn stood prior to his injury, and having a really clear picture of what he is able..."
Dean Riddle
Sports Scientist
"You see those numbers … it’s just a driving force for me to try to get it better...."
DeShawn Shead
"Thanks to Power BI, Adriatic Sailing is able to create reports from different data sources faster tha..."
Jakov Bošnjak
Executive Director
"If we are to expand the functionality of our solution, Microsoft will definitely be the first provide..."
Ivan Shesterikov
Product manager
"We can quickly roll out Power BI to anyone who needs it, and, compared with other solutions that char..."
Rashid Khan
Director of Analytics
"The data we collect from our project portfolio management system is the lifeblood of that system. Pow..."
Simon Scott-Priestley
Senior Director of the Project Management Office
"Power BI Embedded performed much better than any other tool we’ve seen for the data volumes that we’r..."
Vamsee Rangavajhala
Senior Staff Digital Product Manager for Enterprise Imaging Analytics
"When selling or leasing an engine, it’s not uncommon to run into an inability to properly account for..."
David Havera
Blockchain Leader
"We can be faster about getting insights about our donors. We can act fast on our data...."
Michiel van Straten
Senior Data Analyst
"Making this information available in real time allows me to understand the patient’s condition and ma..."
John P. Lavery
"When I think about Intune and our cloud environment, that provides me insurance we're managing the ri..."
Neil Levecque
Vice President, Technology Strategy and Chief Data Officer
"Teams and Skype are crucial to how we interact with each other. Without these tools, I think we'd los..."
Amélie Lecompte
Deputy Chief Information Officer

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