"We want to make investments that support our core business, and buying and managing servers is not ou..."
Craig Cuyar
Global Chief Information Officer
"Anyone can build an app, but we’re using proven Azure technology and can blow away the competition on..."
Maarten-Jan Vermeulen
Founder and CEO
"A series of applications developed and hosted in Azure are allowing us to improve care coordination a..."
Deepesh Chandra
IT Director
"CLP Power has leveraged many opportunities to adopt new practices and innovation technologies, such a..."
Andre Blumberg
Director – Information Technology
"O-I benefits from the added voice of our firstline workforce because the shop and plant floor employe..."
Kristin Kelley
Vice President of Global and Corporate Communications
"Our participation with the ORHub project, from concept to launch, helps us proactively address nation..."
Richard Lee
MD: Orthopedic Surgeon
"Software Logic knew the Microsoft products deeply and provided invaluable assistance in everything fr..."
Gary Bent
Senior Infrastructure
"This is a unique solution in terms of complexity because it supports multiple entities ... and it pro..."
Kash Patel
Vice President of IT for Population Health and Analytics
"WASD has lots of data, but until now they didn’t have the platform to process large amounts of data t..."
Andrew Wong
IT Manager
"We’re reaching the next level of maturity by evaluating advanced workloads and further innovation. Fo..."
Hussam Sh. Al-Saeh
Head of Network and Communications
"We have no DBAs. For less than the cost of paying two DBAs per year, Azure provides all of our back-e..."
Frans Lytzen
"M-KOPA needed a hosting solution that would allow us to scale up and down quickly as we build out new..."
Jesse Moore
"With ORHub, I just sign in to the system, and the implants are already all there, so I can verify tha..."
Sarah Coulter
Registered Nurse
"[Reflex users] would be the first to tell you that, yes, going to a single account to be able to sign..."
Michael Rector
Global Engineer
"With Azure, I really did not have to worry about the DR [disaster recovery] side of things, as well a..."
Anjan Patel
Global Architect
"Our goal is to expand out into the global market, so we wanted to make sure that whichever cloud serv..."
Page Tucker
CEO and Founder

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