"The mobile industry is evolving at such a rapid pace, we have to roll out new services quickly to sta..."
Ton Verhoef
Product Manager, Radio Tooling & IT, KPN
"The flexibility of the Mendix platform has allowed us to exceed our expectations. During the project,..."
Quirijn Heslinga
Product Owner, TNT
"The Mendix platform offers us speed and agility as well as a lower cost/risk exposure versus traditio..."
Janet Keeling
Global Head of Associates Customer Service
"In only three months, Mendix developed an Online Channel Portal that allows customers and partners to..."
Egon Kosters
IT Services Manager, Eurofiber
"The Mendix App Platform really enables us to be a more agile organization. Mendix is far quicker than..."
Jilt Bakkes
Director ICT, AVEBE
"We are positioned somewhere between a courier and a truckload company. We move a mix of products to m..."
Bob Hall
CIO, Toronto-based Speedy Transport, Inc.
"When a proof-of-concept showed tangible results after only two days, we knew that Mendix was right fo..."
Martin Wanschers
Manager Process Control, BAM Infratechniek
"Mendix provides an easy-to-use, visual way of developing applications that’s much faster and doesn’t..."
Oscar Berger
ICT Manager, EBN
"The application has improved our offering and paid for itself in no time. I wish every vendor was lik..."
Chris Finkley
VP, Insurance Operations
"Mendix opens up a whole new world for us. It’s an excellent platform for building sophisticated solut..."
Erwin Serlé
Manager Strategic IT, Sourcing and Projects, Spring Global Mail
"We needed a highly secure platform that could scale with the growth of our business...."
Andrea Prazakova
Group Head, Retail & SME Banking
"Our Mendix app gives us the data integrity, process quality, and auditability we require. Given the c..."
Adrie Beerepoot
Group CFO, SGG Holdings S.A.
"Mendix is flexible because it allows you to change and re-run your application in a just a few clicks..."
Henk Pieffers
Operations Manager, HST Transmissions
"In our business, we need to innovate quickly and differentiate ourselves based on our quality of serv..."
Harald Swinkels
CEO and co-founder of NLE
"Using Mendix's application platform, we custom built a single application to manage our aggregate spe..."
Christine Meyers
Associate Director, Corporate Compliance, Alere, Inc.
"Within six months, the Mendix-based application was already better than the previous system, which wa..."
Frank Leus
Head of Data Management & Project Support

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