"With Mendix, we were able to build a sophisticated SaaS and mobile apps in less than six months. We b..."
Reinder Peterse
Chief Executive Officer, Gappless
"When a proof-of-concept showed tangible results after only two days, we knew that Mendix was right fo..."
Martin Wanschers
Manager Process Control, BAM Infratechniek
"The application has improved our offering and paid for itself in no time. I wish every vendor was lik..."
Chris Finkley
VP, Insurance Operations
"The elapsed time between receiving the last order and the start of stock picking has been reduced sig..."
Dennis Brugging
Business Consultant / Project Manager, CAPE Groep
"The Portal can round-off stock allocation to the nearest layer within a pallet. This means that stock..."
Joost Hupkens
Information Services Project Manager
"The Big Bang approach we previously tried didn’t work. That caused a big trauma to our team when we h..."
Hans Vranken
Touring Assurances Managing Director
"Today we get quick feedback from the user. It’s all about the agile processes...."
Alain Bergeron
Vice President of IT Solutions and Operations
"The Mendix platform allowed us to build, deploy and offer an innovative mobile SaaS application in re..."
Chelly Peterse
Chief Operating Officer
"We were looking for a platform in order to deliver on that for our customers, and Mendix provided tha..."
Barrington Clarke
DevOps Lead
"It has been a joint collaboration. The team have been willing to take risks. They’ve tried new things..."
Darren West
Head of IT
"Although it’s an ancillary system in the underwriting process, it’s a really important one. If things..."
Alex Tong
Senior Product Underwriter
"The mission for BAM is to connect for the future, and within Infra you see a lot of different connect..."
Frans Verbiest
IT Business Partner
"Low-code platforms like Mendix make building applications so much faster and so much easier. I truly..."
Eline Bijkerk
Mendix Business Engineer
"We could not cope with the pace of change that was requested by [some] e-commerce customers...."
Arthur Godschalk
VP of eCommerce Solutions and Contract Logistics
"If you forget the idea that the IT landscape is what it is, it’s amazing how easily you can just crea..."
Judith Potters
Customer Project Manager
"One of our e-commerce customers asked us to implement same-day delivery. We had to make sure that in..."
Marten Doeser
Logistics Innovation Specialist

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