"We were impressed with Maropost’s unique approach to customer support, overall nimbleness, superior U..."
Marissa O’Hare
Senior Director of Audience Development
"We have solid open and click through rates, with our open rate averaging 40%. Another feature we like..."
Brian Hastreiter
"Maropost had helped improve revenue by providing a flexible, sophisticated product. It was a great ch..."
Mike Halekakis
Chief Technology Officer and Senior Marketer
"The biggest plus with Maropost is the support and services that enable us to continually launch high-..."
Kyle Bonnstetter
"We had an idea for a feature and oh—Maropost already does it. The platform is amazing, fast, and easy..."
Danielle Olesen
Social Media and Marketing Associate
"We were blown away by Maropost. Both IT and marketing were in alignment that Maropost was a great pla..."
Peter Gold
Chief Digital Marketing Officer
"The strength of our business and direct revenue gains rely upon a top performing marketing platform...."
Jake Carney
CEO and Founder
"We greatly value the team at Maropost. They are highly professional, easy to work with, and are const..."
Ryan Buchanan
"Maropost was one of the services we looked at and we were very pleased with its comprehensive APIs an..."
Maria Visanoiu
Product Manager
"The Maropost platform was a welcome change, with an intuitive interface with features and content cre..."
Chris Ashenden
"Maropost is directly responsible for some of the biggest improvements in the history of our company...."
Victor Ha
Director of eCommerce and Marketing Channels
"Since switching to Maropost, our delivery has risen from 90% to 99% and our revenue has jumped 140%...."
Amber Ewart
Chief Marketing Officer
"Maropost is a great partner and a part of our team. We work closely with them on how to best leverage..."
Brittany Trafis
Senior Director, Integrated Strategy
"Maropost was the most robust solution for us, we tried all the competitors out there, of course – the..."
Keren Kang
"The biggest upside for us is the ability to reach out 24/7 to speak to a real person for guidance or..."
John Rowley
"How can we scale multiple brands in parallel? It wasn’t going to happen with our previous solution. M..."
Shane Fitch
Head of Growth

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