"I am happy to recommend the Maitre’D software solution to anyone looking to improve the speed and eff..."
Jon Luttrell
Dairy Queen
"Maitre’D help gain better management control over inventory levels, food costs, operations and cash f..."
Troy Warrington
Manager of Information & Technology
"We have always been impressed with how seamless the transitions are for Maitre’D as apposed to other..."
Jon Broughton
General Manager
"Harlequin chose Maitre’D for its ease of operation, reliability and support infrastructure...."
Bindi Bhumbra
Director of IT
"We have a very young workforce and, for most, it is their first job...."
Bruce Kowallis
Director of Information Technology
"Maitre’D works extremely well, is easy to use and provides everything we need...."
Denis MacCann
General Manager: Food Service Director
"One thing all the systems had in common was that they just weren’t delivering enough value to both gu..."
Nick Moore
Procurement Director
"We needed a solution that was user-friendly, efficient, and reliable, but one that also offered a par..."
Paul Erwin
VP of Administration
"Installation went well, our staff adjusted quickly and the introduction of this system has increased..."
Staci Molzahn
Neighborhood Grills
"The Maitre’D application is incredibly stable and robust...."
Dale Gann
Information Systems Engineer
"We achieved a return on our investment in Maitre’D through savings of approximately 30% following imp..."
Geraldine Stone
Finance Manager
"I planned for a six-to-eight month time to reach the breakeven point on the investment. We’re going t..."
Andrew Fields
"This was a strategic investement for Locos, as Maitre’D’s extensive reporting capabilities ultimately..."
Bridger Loftin
Locos Senior Vice President of Purchasing
"One of the strongest points of Maitre’D, besides Posera’s commitment to improving their product, is t..."
Jonathan Wallace
IT Manager
"Our main goal was to invest in a system that had extensive, but useful, on-site sales reports availab..."
Matt Loneman
Director of Food & Nutrition
"Maitre’D offers tremendous value, and is very cost competitive for the functionalities it offers to a..."
Dave Noel
District Manager

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