"The high-level view of what’s available as provided by Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer is key. It makes..."
Jeremy Koerber
Senior Systems Engineer
"Log data is foundational. The ability to immediately understand how infrastructure is performing at a..."
Harper Reed
Chief Technology Officer
"Loggly has increased our productivity across the product lifecycle and allowed our developers to conc..."
Mohit Khanna
Senior Cloud Architect
"Loggly is a completely managed service. We don’t even have to think about it...."
Jeff Brown
Software Platform and Operations Engineering
"Better log management wasn’t something I initially thought of as a benefit of switching to Docker. Bu..."
John Kelvie
Chief Technology Officer
"Loggly is very fast. I wouldn’t be so addicted to Loggly if it wasn’t so fast...."
Pedro Gomes
Director of Apps Club Business Unit
"Loggly was a smarter choice for our cloud-based business, offering a painless adoption path with virt..."
Brock Haywood
Director of Platform
"Stormpath is a cutting-edge identity management provider. I don’t want our team spending resources to..."
Les Hazlewood
Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer
"Loggly is a really good value. It’s fast, and it gives me the information that matters. With Loggly,..."
Adam Sunderland
Chief Architect
"With a firehose of requests coming into our API it's not always easy to spot the anomalies that hint..."
Richard Luck
Senior Director, API
"Loggly has transformed our processes and helped us be much more effective in working with our custome..."
Chelsea Stroh
Head of Customer Happiness
"The type of fast diagnosis, to find out if issues are one-off or systemic, is something that we haven..."
Bryan Tinsley
Site Reliability Engineer
"We are an e-commerce site that sells cars. We should concentrate on selling cars and not on building..."
Jeremy Souffir
Engineering Team Lead
"I needed a cloud-based logging tool that was dead easy to set up, could be fed from a number of diffe..."
Jonathan Taylor
"Being able to quickly pinpoint the source and impact of issues in emergency scenarios is critical. Fi..."
Jonathan Keith
Development Manager
"In the course of growing our business, Loggly has become an important part of our operations infrastr..."
Maksym Markov
Vice President of Engineering

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