"Logentries played an important role in streamlining our entire IT infrastructure and gave our team in..."
Kyle Moschetto
Senior Network, Systems and Cloud Engineer
"At Boxever our systems are mission critical. Logentries helps us keep them up and running 24X7, and p..."
Dave O’Flanagan
"We would not be able to manage and maintain a modern, cloudbased infrastructure without Logentries...."
Scott Rankin
VP of Engineering
"With our new Parallels Access product we needed a log management and analytics solution that would wo..."
Jack Zubarev
"I used to settle for knowing there were certain insights I simply wouldn’t uncover because I couldn’t..."
Sean McGlinchey
Chief Data Officer
"The last 24 hours of activity in our logs is very critical for us. Sometimes we also need to search h..."
Yoav Landman
CTO, JFrog
"Being more proactive and knowing if any of our data sources are working improperly before our clients..."
Bernie Thurston
Global Head
"We have to fix anything that breaks very quickly, and ideally not let it break in the first place. Lo..."
Doug Miller
CEO, Brightworks
"At cloudControl we use Logentries internally for our own log data and also offer the solution as an i..."
Philipp Strubee
"We were constantly running into the same issue - pinpointing specific events when errors arose was di..."
Nick Andren
"Awesome service with extremely easy integration with any app on any platform...."
Milos Cigoj
Senior Software Engineer
"Logentries helps us to identify when issues are going to occur, before we hear about them from our en..."
Dan Barry
CEO, Riffstation
"Logentries provides out-of-the-box tagging and alerting to highlight and notify you when an important..."
Jeff Barr
Senior Web Services Evangelist
"Logentries enables us to easily search and filter to cut down to the essential pieces of information..."
Tilman Schaefer
Operations Engineer
"Logentries Mobile app insight gives us deep visibility into any issues that occur in our apps across..."
Ray Cunningham
CTO, FieldAware
"Managing a real-time news website requires that our Ops team is able to monitor and analyze performan..."
Andrew Mullaney
CTO and Co-Founder

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