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  • Windows
  • Android
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  • Web-based
  • Windows Mobile
Customer Types
  • < 50 Small Businesses
  • < 250 Medium Businesses
  • 250+ Large Businesses


LivePerson is an AI-driven messaging solution that enables companies to complete transactions and answer customer questions on WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, and SMS, as well as on their business website and mobile app. This software is a leading platform for smart customer engagement in real time. The vendor delivers robust, comprehensive tools to aggregate, optimize, and manage chats on multiple digital channels. This chat support system is leveraged by more than 18,000 enterprises.

LivePerson empowers companies to produce relevant and meaningful relationships with their consumers. They invested in an advanced hosted platform, analytics, and real-time metrics to make their objectives possible at scale. For these reasons, the software is utilized by numerous top brands including HSBC, Citibank, RBS, Sky, The Home Depot, T-Mobile, and others.


Effective System

LivePerson offers benefits such as centralizing digital channels, automating work, and utilizing chatbots. Businesses can use these advantages to promote long-term engagement and improve customer relationship. You can easily adapt this tailor-made product for your company for tasks such as routing, tracking, and reporting. Its Hop Topics function gives you data about what consumers discussed about. The Meaningful Connection Score tool helps you to learn about buyer’s sentiment on real-time conversations, so you can understand your consumers better.

Smart Capacity Feature

LivePerson presents an open network that has an inbuilt AI automation capability which allows you to produce your own platform, utilize the interface, and integrate with other programs. The software’s Smart Capacity function assesses the exchange frequency before delivering conversations. Its sophisticated routing and scaling functionality uses an algorithm that gives priority to responsive consumers than those who leave conversations in idle mode.

Reports and Dashboards

LivePerson also offers detailed reporting features with readymade as well as customizable dashboards so you can monitor the performance of your support services. Both agents and managers can use insights into metrics to improve customer engagement.

Strong Security

LivePerson protects your confidential business data by running proactive vulnerability analysis and monitoring processes. It also pinpoints and masks sensitive information. Finally, the program enables you to interact speedily with consumers via geo-distributed connections that link your business to the closest data center.

Product Features

  • Asynchronous loading
  • Chat
  • Dashboards
  • Efficient site visitor targets
  • Geolocation
  • Multiple languages
  • Personalized invitation
  • Super-fast interactions
  • Tailored customer experience
  • Videos and webinars

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