"We are constantly exploring ways to further delight our customers with our delicious recipe content...."
Dana Shank
Associate Director
"In a world of ad exchanges and white labelers, a partner who has actual unique and proprietary invent..."
Amy Bartle
Director of Media & Digital Marketing
"Reader’s Digest launched an exciting new product line called Taste of Home (TOH) certified products...."
Mark Josephson
VP, Chief Sales Officer
"From a publisher perspective, the Marquee ad provides both value and efficiency: advertisers will pay..."
Aaron Thies
Ad Sales & Ad Operations Manager
"We did extensive testing of LiveIntent to ensure no effect to our open/click rates and most important..."
Steve Toy
Senior Vice President & GM
"Our first 30 day ROAS was 82%…we poured in as much budget as we could find into Liveintent…and to thi..."
Katherine Klinger
Director of Marketing
"LiveIntent’s platform has simplified our email operations and given us greater control over the prici..."
Jeff Burkett
Senior Director, Sales Operations and Product Strategy
"LiveIntent helped us dig into our established program and rethink how we could increase its value. Th..."
Damian Noto
Director of Business Operations
"Overall, this is a much stronger performance than what I’ve historically seen for static banners… Liv..."
TV Guide Network Representative
"We’ve been testing with your team on one or two campaigns and have consistently seen better results t..."
Union Bank Representative

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