"We just want a fast, reliable host that provides simple machines that work...."
Chris Sinchok
Senior Developer, The Onion
"Every time I called Linode with a question, anybody I talked to was able to answer the question with..."
Scott Foster
Co-founder, Munzee
"We have customers for whom our public SaaS service would have been inappropriate and who lack the tec..."
James Norman
Engineering Manager
"Linode has provided the best, most personalized service out of any hosting company we have used in th..."
Shaun Smith
Managing Partner/Content Director
"Linode definitely is a must for any organization, team or even solo developer that is looking for a f..."
Joris Hens
Web Development Creativity Gym Drill Instructor
"I knew we’d need a company that could provide and support the latest, greatest versions of Linux that..."
Dan Benjamin
"Linode has been a great choice, enabling us to quickly scale our platform as our user base expands. T..."
Swati Tewari
Co-founder, ShowMyPC
"Using Linode has pretty much guaranteed our site is operating at all times - running smoothly and eff..."
Adam Beguelin
CEO, Sensr.net
"Before we used Linode, our customers encountered quite a lot of issues with server reliability and pe..."
Anders Brundin
Founder/CEO, Cloudnet Sweden AB
"We also migrated our Linode instance to a more geographically suitable place for our mirror system. L..."
Sam Nazarko
"The support has been the most important feature for us, with simplicity coming in second. For someone..."
Jason LaPorte
Dark Sky
"Pricing and performance at Linode – and other top-tier VPS providers – has given start-ups like us a..."
Adrian Flitcroft
Founder/CEO, PlushForums
"I knew that Brick needed to run on a host and network. This would provide the speed and reliability w..."
Alfred Xing
Founder, Brick
"The primary benefit that I feel is in peace of mind. Peace of mind that the IT portion of my site is..."
Ori Kainen
founder MLTD

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