"I got to preview some very cool and useful concepts that could make it onto Libris. I appreciate that..."
Thomas Ngo
Digital Communications Manager
"We try to create as many opportunities as possible for our fans to connect with our brand in a visual..."
Julian Valentin
Assistant Director, Digital Media & Publications
"We wanted something that would be a little more robust, easier to use, and faster. We needed to have..."
Daryl Labello
Multimedia Producer
"There’s a number of times that things happen that they don’t necessarily show on the TV broadcast. Th..."
Matt Dirksen
"For our print product, we know that half of our readers buy it because of sports. Online, it’s the sa..."
Jim Mendenhall
Photo Editor
"We rely on Libris as the backbone to our archive, image delivery, and web presence. Its ease of use,..."
Alonso Nichols
Assistant Director and Staff Photographer
"It’s very user-friendly for the media, and at the end of the day, that’s what they want. They want th..."
Audrey Padgett
Marketing Manager
"My argument was, hey, this is the best out there and it shows that this is second to none – that we h..."
Jeremy Fletcher
Design and Creative Director
"The storage, the efficiency, the time management and making it easier for our internal and external p..."
Andy Seeley
Associate Athletics Director for Strategic Communications
"I love doing this stuff in general, Any time you can interact with another club on Twitter, the fans..."
Chad Fischer
Reds Digital Content Coordinator
"We find it to be a lot more efficient, not only for us, but it works a lot better with them, too...."
Bernard Brzezinski
Art/Creative Director
"It’s great for a company like LEGOLAND to be able to shape how we want a particular PR event to go. W..."
Chip Litherland
"It was really quick for me to get this up and running, I had planned on a six month migration from on..."
Dave Barrera
Embry-Riddle Developer
"I think for adventure travel in particular, Libris is a really powerful tool. Our job is to build des..."
Geoff Stevens
Director of Marketing
"For this project for GE, with so many files, so many different people we have to deliver to all over..."
Casey Templeton
Commercial Photographer
"We’ve seen a lot of photographers, a lot of companies, a lot of people have files come in so fast the..."
Brett Lemon

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