"Clients come back and say “this is a really good tool. We really like the reporting, it’s really easy..."
David Marshall
CEO and Founder
"With reporting we can measure the impact of each of our courses. We can see what’s working, the info..."
Fiona Casserly
HR Business Partner
"I love the ability to give our end users a standard by which they can filter their contractors. We le..."
Dan Conger
Training Manager
"LearnUpon gives me the advantage of training reliability. As soon as anyone needs training, we immedi..."
Ben Coffey
Product Specialist and Training Manager
"With face-to-face training, users had to travel to our headquarters, pay for their hotel, and then Hy..."
Nick Toyn
Vice President Support
"We wanted a platform that would work for all facets of the company. Internal training for employees,..."
Dana Alvarenga
Customer Success Education & Advocacy Manager
"What’s nice about LearnUpon is everything is already there. You just flip the switch for what you wan..."
Layne Northsea
Technical Training and Documentation Manager
"I love LearnUpon’s support. I love the people. So much in this world boils down not to the company, b..."
Bridget Donofrio
eLearning Developer
"When our partners complete online training prior to installing our products, support requirements are..."
Greg Woodliff
Director of Operations
"What was great about having the LMS is we probably would not have guessed the question people were st..."
Einat Dorobantu
Director of Strategy and Implementation
"Flexibility of access to learning was key to us. We wanted them to be able to access learning on a t..."
James Mainwaring
"I think it's really great that LearnUpon provides us with a dedicated Customer Success Specialist so..."
Chris Johnson
"LearnUpon provides us with the chance to interact with our coaches across the country, and train them..."
Katy Slater
Soccer Shots
"We were growing as a system and needed to improve our training process among coaches across the US an..."
Steve Fowler
Soccer Shots
"We would absolutely recommend LearnUpon as the first solution for people to look at. The wide range o..."
Springstone Learning
"Having LearnUpon’s customer service, pricing, and the commitment to continuously improve and /or inno..."
Ron Hansen
Education Director

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