"Students are asked questions about cyberbullying, access to technology at home and how they use techn..."
Donna Teuber
Instructional Technology Supervisor
"Educators have seen students becoming stronger and stronger in their technology skills, over the past..."
Tony DeMonte
Instructional Technology Coordinator
"We’ve really worked on the curriculum to place Inquiry projects in the scope and sequence of each sub..."
Marcie Lindsey
Educational Technologist
"I think the students have learned a lot, and they can get around the computer better now. Those are s..."
Anne McQueen
ELA and Social Studies Teacher
"Digital literacy is already a point of emphasis for our district, and the new assessments only height..."
Mary Knight
Director of Technology
"We analyzed the fifth and eighth-grade assessment results and realized that students needed more elec..."
Christine Coleman
Director of Technology
"We realized that we were bringing on educators who had never integrated technology into their curricu..."
Ginger Polster
CTE Coordinator
"I want technology to be are source within an overall content-based project, I don’t want it to be lab..."
Michael Chiodo
Coordinator of Educational Technology
"We asked parents if typing and formal technology skills were something they worked on at home with th..."
Instructional Technology Specialist
"I also share the results with the technology coach at every school in the district. The coaches can u..."
Lisa Knoche
Lead for 21st Century Skills Assessment
"The students enjoy logging in and keeping track of their scores. The lessons are short, sweet and int..."
Kelly Ward
Technology Specialist
"I think that authentic trial and error is so important, I could show and tell, and we could watch a v..."
Kim Garcia
Coordinator, Educational Technology
"I usually partner the students up so they can work on their projects together. That helps them with t..."
Rhonda Rucker
ESL Teacher
"I found the included pre-tests in Inquiry to be a valuable tool. We went through the pre-tests as a w..."
Michelle Lawson
ELA and Social Studies Teacher
"Since we’ve done the lesson on PowerPoint presentations, my daughter is now fascinated by PowerPoint...."
Amy Heil
Library Media Specialist & Parent
"The package not only addresses technology mounted on the wall in the classroom, but also technology t..."
Barry Fox
Director of Instructional Technology

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