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Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by LeanKit.

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Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by LeanKit.

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The first board we created was a ‘Directors To-Do Board’. Instead of sending an email request, we create a card on the board and assign an owner and due date. We make sure that the information in the card is as self-explanatory as possible so that the owner can see what needs to be done.

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We started out using a white board and sticky notes, as well as Google Docs to document our goals. It was a good way to define the process but it wasn’t very scalable – the white board contained information that couldn’t be erased for an entire year and we had a complicated color-coding scheme that wasn’t easy to interpret. Also, it didn’t give us the transparency we needed since you had to be physically in the room to see the details. We quickly realized that we needed a tool to help us.

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Implementing LeanKit was the final step in our initiative to go paperless. We’d already started using an integrated suite of cloud-hosted accounting tools. This eliminated the paper trail as documents are scanned in and then managed electronically. But we still needed a way to track and manage our work electronically. Now, instead of creating a physical folder when someone brings in a tax return request, we create a new card on our LeanKit board.

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The main benefit is the way LeanKit facilitates the way we work as a team. The team is so much more collaborative as it enables us to keep up to date with each other and focus on what we’ve committed to deliver as a team. LeanKit is a great advocate for collaboration. Simply put, it makes my team feel like a team.

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We were looking for a tool that would enable us to re-create the interactive feel of our physical card walls. Simplicity is the nirvana for any successful system rollout, and it was clear that from the start that LeanKit met that criteria. It was also important to us to find a cloud-based solution to fit with our overall corporate technology strategy.

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I credit LeanKit with enabling us to scale up the amount of business that we can handle. As we’re no longer limited by the physical whiteboards, we’ve been able to expand our team and hire more people. The ability to scale creates a continuous cycle of having a bigger team, which brings in more business, requiring even more team members, who then bring in more business.

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Our organization needed a tool that would allow us to pursue Lean principles without being prescriptive – yet at the same time provide underlying consistency to track the movement of work. LeanKit met that requirement.

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