"With the flexibility and data discovery capabilities of the Lavastorm Analytics Engine, we are able t..."
Humza Teherany
VP Business Transformation, Compass Group
"The Lavastorm Analytics Engine exposes data anomalies that we wouldn't see with a traditional BI syst..."
Torbjorn Stenstrom
Operational Development , E.ON
"The use of the Lavastorm Analytics software by our auditors has given us significant advantages. Spec..."
Sergey Kudryashov
Risk Assurance Director, PwC Russia’s Audit Team
"The findings from just the first 10 audits we created let us capture $5 million annually. That is alr..."
Angela Newell
Controller and VP of Revenue Assurance, Clearwire
"Sometimes it's really painful to rearrange queries in a database, and can take lots of rework as issu..."
Troy Mayers
Sales Analytics Manager
"With more than 2,300 retail units in Canada and over 50- 75% that accept cash, I would have to hire a..."
Brent Mooney
"What we love about Lavastorm is how flexible it is and the fact that it has allowed us to think about..."
Amy Winslow
"We had talked about using smart metering before, but with Lavastorm we were actually able to do it...."
Magnus Linden
Project Leader
"With this solution, we can take a proactive role in our customer experience, network management and b..."
Atilla Tinic
Vice President of IT
"With Lavastorm Fraud Manager we can automate features, freeing up additional resources for more proac..."
Fabrice Deneft
Fraud Operational Manager, Mobistar
"There’s just really no limit to what types of systems we can pull from when we are using Lavastorm...."
Tom Tanehill
Lead Analyst
"By engaging with Lavastorm Analytics and Sweco, we're applying new analytic tools and environmental e..."
Lars Ohlsson
"Most often, when people want to implement such an analytic audit system, it usually takes months to r..."
Mr. Selim Akdeniz
President of Risk Analysis and Continuous Audit Department

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