"The funny thing is that I first partnered with KlientBoost to improve our landing pages. They then sa..."
David Hernandez
Chief Executive Officer
"I can’t say enough about KlientBoost. We’ve only been working with them for about a year, and since t..."
Helena Parmask
Digital Marketer
"The first time I spoke with KlientBoost, I remember their founder talking about making us more money...."
Christian Austin
Associate Manager
"We’ve never had a good understanding on how PPC works, but I knew KlientBoost did. Before KlientBoost..."
Jake Hare
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
"When we first signed with KlientBoost we weren't really established in the PPC arena, and we weren't..."
Sarah Cheffy
Director of Digital Marketing & Product Management
"When it comes to PPC, the first person I turn to is Johnathan Dane. He and his team cut through the b..."
Peep Laja
Founder & Principal
"I can’t say enough about KlientBoost. We’ve only been working with them for about a year, and since t..."
Jeff Dunn
Customer Success Team Lead
"KlientBoost isn’t your typical crap-shoot, dime a dozen PPC agency. They actually understand quality..."
Oli Gardner
"I came into KlientBoost expecting great service since I’ve been following their business for quite so..."
Nicholas Thomas
Web Marketing & Optimization Specialist
"We were attracted to KlientBoost for a variety of reasons, but what really sold us was their team. Kl..."
David Simnick
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
"We started our partnership with KlientBoost believing we could get solid results; however, the result..."
Jason Henneberry
"KlientBoost came in with a stretch goal of decreasing front-end CPA by 50% within 3 months and were a..."
Lance Wills
Head of Marketing
"Since we’ve signed with KlientBoost we’ve not only seen a radical increase in the number of leads we..."
Brad Campbell
"We've always had a good handle on our marketing efforts and have experienced growth year over year, b..."
Tere Denison
Chief Marketing Officer
"Working with KlientBoost has been a true pleasure and a great business decision. KlientBoost makes th..."
Steven Laff
Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer
"Over the course of 14 years in the e-commerce world, I've worked with a number of advertising agencie..."
Micah Cranman
Chief Executive Officer

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