"I’m certain that one of the reasons we have kept existing customers and gained new ones is due to the..."
Amir Vaknin
CTO and VP R&D
"If I were recommending Kaminario, I wouldn’t talk about the performance. No need. The performance is..."
Leonid Rabinovich
Global IT Operations Leader
"Kaminario keeps it simple, not only in the operation of the system but in licensing. Unlike other ven..."
Mike Fleischman
Systems Engineer
"Reliable performance all the time. That was the first criteria. Production applications must not see..."
Eldad Omer
IT Infrastructure Manager
"We are extremely happy with the services and technology provided to us by Kaminario. Our ability to s..."
Boaz Refaeli
Director of Engineering
"When there is a slow operating system, which forces thousands of users to wait for the execution of t..."
Yosi Shneck
CIO Israel Electric Company
"We start with revenue objectives and then look for technology that will align. Our company’s growth o..."
Kenneth Lawrence
Director of Infrastructure Technology
"We had done some advanced testing with our application to get a baseline as well as a clear idea of w..."
Blake Keller
Manager of IT Infrastructure
"Giving our customers faster response times to their queries, greater intelligence and better reportin..."
Rafael Asor
CTO, ActiveTrail
"The Kaminario K2 enabled us to consolidate our database environment onto one fast, reliable and scala..."
Gregory S. Thomas
Vice President of IT, Managed Health Care Associates, Inc.
"At the start, I didn’t know about Kaminario. Then our sales rep, Ron, came to demonstrate. He promise..."
Roni Ben Ishay
"Six GB/s throughput is incredible, and Kaminario is doing it with higher storage density with a small..."
George Herman
President, Distributed Systems Solutions, Inc
"The Kaminario K2 is exactly the innovative and advanced solution we were seeking. Kaminario’s demonst..."
Herve Gabireau
Head of IT deployments and Chief Executive Officer
"It’s great that Kaminario was willing to do the proof of concept. We hammered away at it in our own e..."
James Little
Senior Director of Infrastructure
"The K2 will allow us to migrate portions of our VMware infrastructure to a much faster storage platfo..."
Hans Bleuel
Chief Technology Officer Conatus Capital Management LP
"Capacity was crucial. We were running out of space. Still, we wanted to keep up with technology advan..."
Brian Wong
Information Systems Admin

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