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Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by JetBrains.

FeaturedCustomers.com has 15 case studies. Browse this list to see how JetBrains has worked with different customers like Documentum and Fluxys.
Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by JetBrains.

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When Spivak explored IntelliJ IDEA’s approach to intelligent coding assistance and refactoring support, he quickly realized this Java IDE was at last giving developers the tools they needed to generate smarter code and create better applications. During his first trial, says Spivak, “Someone behind me looked over my shoulder, saw me using it and asked, ‘What is that?’ And that’s how it started. Everyone we showed it to wanted to use it and, before long, we concluded we needed licenses for everyone.”

Ken Watts

VP Platform Engineering, Documentum
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A nice benefit from choosing TeamCity is the ability to integrate with it using the TeamCity Service Messages feature. We already built a custom testing tool taking benefit from it, reporting test results in real “test artifacts” (interpreted by TeamCity using Service Messages) instead of simple strings in the TFS Build logs.

Geoffrey Vandiest

Chief Technical Architect, Fluxys
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Star Republic developers no longer need to manually scan for code issues or refactor by hand. They can identify code issues and quickly solve them with the help of ReSharper, which results in a more consistent code base across all developers and contributors.

Filip Ekberg

Software Engineer, Star Republic
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For a small distributed team that creates Enbuenosaires.com, YouTrack lends itself to their way of working, acting as a central point of focus for resolving issues and completing new tasks. With its tagging and commenting functionality, YouTrack allows the team to work in a flexible way and at the same time maintain coherence, being able to see related issues and have different people make comments on open issues.

Simon Botting

Founder and Senior Programmer, Enbuenosaires.com
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Daniel Schröder

Development lead
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The main control panel for TeamCity is its web interface, but there are also a lot of plugins for every major IDE. To watch the status of projects, you just need to open a tab in your IDE. If there are build failures, you can have a look at the logs right in the IDE and instantly open problematic code in the editor. After the problem is fixed, you can simply check-in, re-run the build manually (if needed), and just wait for the notification of a successful build. You can also run a Personal Build on server in order to make sure you fixed the problem, before checking-in the fix.

Simon Tiffert

Java Developer, Agimatec
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"Currently, we most rely on its Intelligent Code Completion features, Code Generation, Quick JavaDocs, Live Templates and basically the rest of its editing features that speed up the development process. Other IntelliJ IDEA code-related features like its Code Inspector and Refactoring tool are widely used by our development teams. Building projects with its integrated Ant support and testing with its integrated JUnit Runner support has become standard at our work.Also, we have come to appreciate IntelliJ IDEA's ability to use 3rd party plug-ins, such as those for VCS integration (ClearCase, SourceSafe) and SQL queries because it helps us tweak the IDE to suit various project needs. Last, but not least, we should mention the great debugger with HotSwap feature and Remote debugger support."

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Near constant testing, revision and redesign require continual refactoring, which creates a problem for traditional tools. Refactoring is a highly detailed process, taking fine judgment all along the way. On large projects, simple, traditional tools like editors and unintelligent IDEs create unnecessary work as mistakes creep in and builds break. It becomes such a problem for many organizations that budget and time constraints discourage refactoring. The code suffers and maintenance costs climb drastically.

Bruce Kratz

Director of Engineering East, Web Services Management Operation, HP
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The ability to set up different build agents is a nice bonus too. They are used to segment the calculation engine builds from the user interface builds, since the calculation engine builds routinely take 20-30 minutes for a build versus less than 5 minutes for UI builds. This way, the UI team gets very quick feedback without being stuck behind a CE build that takes very long to finish.

Kelly Leahy

Architect, MG-ALFA System
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"The main reason for selecting IntelliJ IDEA (especially compared to Eclipse) was its integrity and therefore, no, or almost no need for developers to get used to using IntelliJ IDEA - it was 'just there' and 'instantly usable'. More specifically, the well-decided integration for Versioning Systems (SourceSafe was an important aspect for us), combined with its integrated Refactoring-Patterns, made it a powerful tool that has encouraged our developers to ignore traditional barriers and act solution-based, not module-based. Great integration with 3-party tools (e.g. JProfiler), early Java 5 support, and 'Plug and Play' handling (no setup time, no plug-in handling) has been a big plus."

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"Its refactorings give our developers the ability to make structural changes -- sometimes very widespread changes that would be time-consuming and error-prone if done manually -- to their code with the confidence that it will still compile and run correctly afterwards. They also promote better design through ongoing maintenance and improvement of existing code."

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UI-Check assessed YouTrack extensively, comparing it with over 10 other similar tools. With 5000+ testers, they needed a platform that would enable efficient management of testers. As YouTrack allowed customizing user rights, roles and groups, it was just the ticket for UI-Check to effectively manage their numerous projects. Within several months it became clear that the product’s rich functionality and flexibility suited the company’s requirements perfectly.

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TeamCity provides uSwitch with a truly integrated solution to continuous integration and deployment. “TeamCity is not only running our builds and unit tests, but also runs our acceptance tests against our test, staging and live environments,” says Mark Durrand, Director of IT, uSwitch. “The integration with Subversion means the acceptance tests automatically run on change, and we also make use of the scheduling feature to run hourly and over nightly acceptance runs as needed. This gives us confidence in new development work and removes the need for manual regression testing.”

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