"While we were able to glean information out of our old system, doing so was expensive and the data of..."
Todd Poepping
Information Technology Manager
"The automotive industry is accelerating at a rapid pace of change. With EnterpriseIQ, MPC is well equ..."
Rich Simonson
Plant Manager
"The immediacy of RealTime forces a discipline in our plants that did not exist before. RealTime on th..."
Jim Schneberger
Director of Operations
"It’s the shop floor aspect, combined with the core ERP, and the fact that EnterpriseIQ is made for ma..."
Nancy Hyser
Quality Manager
"EnterpriseIQ is user-friendly and easy to navigate, so the switch over was simple and everyone adapte..."
Jeff Colson
Application Engineer
"EnterpriseIQ is at the core of our recent success. And because IQMS is always improving its technolog..."
Wendi Jay
Administrative Manager
"As we get better and more confident in using the services IQMS provides, we continually find other th..."
Norm Forest
Chief Executive Officer
"The system has been very successful, and we are thrilled about the success we are having. I see a sys..."
Abram Harms
Business Developer
"We’ve been able to reduce the warehouse space by 25 percent as a result of the timeliness of material..."
Don Cento
PCI Vice President
"ProCharger technology has always been an industry best. But EnterpriseIQ has enabled us to take quali..."
Ken Jones
Chief Executive Officer
"I can definitely say that IQMS has been everything we expected and more. We underestimated the benefi..."
Mark Nelson
Finance Director
"We had used handheld scanners in the old warehouse but now we needed to get more agile in the warehou..."
Dave Campbell
Quality and Warehouse Manager
"IQMS has proven it can grow with the company, and we could easily grow 50 to 100 times larger with IQ..."
Marcia Coulson
President & Chief Executive Officer
"With our disconnected systems, it was at times a challenge to get products shipped on time to custome..."
Andrea Collins
System Operations Manager
"We worked very closely with the IQMS team to go through the preparation process. From that point to w..."
Tom Duffy
President & Owner
"That level of automation allows us to set up the process and the job, then run for prolonged periods..."
Gene Mussel
Operations Manager

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